today has been pretty fun. wright’s mom called at like 11:30 in the morning saying she was going to take us out to lunch with their whole family so i had all of like 30 minutes to shower and get ready to go and be somewhat presentable. we went to the library to eat and of course they had run out of what i wanted so i had to get the same thing i got last time because it’s the only thing that sounded good to eat right after waking up. oh well. ’tis my crappy luck. i have decided that i’m going to steal lexi though. she’s 3 years old and is wright’s cousin’s kid or something and i am going to adopt her. she was so cute!! :sad:

i’m bored because the guys went to get wine or something from peabody’s and i got left at the apartment all by my lonesome. the sunshine went away and no one is doing anything right now. i really want to go to hebron soon before school starts back up and just make an afternoon of it. that and snake pit… geez that’s so much fun!

this is the last week before school starts back up. i’m kind of bummed because it’s been nice staying in boone and not having to go to classes. :smile: i’ve been spoiled with all this not doing anything. it’s so nice considering i worked a full time job all summer and i have a break now. i don’t consider tech. support a job like that ’cause i actually like going into work there. it’s with my friends and it’s relaxed and everyone gets along and we can goof off when we’re working… and there’s kids everywhere instead of being stuck in an office with cranky older women.

i’m going to go eat something because right now my entire mouth is stained red from the icee i just ate. :blush: so are my pants. i am a mess.