i haven’t posted in a while. spring break was this past week so i tried my best to not be a complete bum and spend every waking hour on the computer. we went camping, lots of hiking, playing in waterfalls, grilling out, nice dinners, lots of drinking (too much, even), and it was a lot of fun. and i got to see some awesome NCSU friends that i hadn’t seen in entirely too long. there are a bunch of new pictures up but i haven’t gotten the ones from this past weekend up yet. i’ll get to it when the internet here isn’t sucking so bad. right now it’s going slower than a slug in glue and i do not like it.

i woke up at 1 this afternoon… we had a bit of a late night last night. laura and i are night owls and rarely go to bed before 3 or 4 every night which is a TERRIBLE habit. it’s gotten so bad. and then we sleep forever. i hate doing that. i hate wasting the whole day, especially when i have class the next day. yuck. i’m dreading tomorrow. but i’m going to try to get in a lot of hours at work the next few weeks. if i don’t get 40 hours or more in within the next 2-3 weeks, i’m screwed for scandinavia. so… i gotta step it up a notch. plus class, gaming club/ALUG, my stupid IS project that we have to get our act together on, and my assignments for POM (don’t procrastinate, i’m an idiot), and then my case study for 3050 about blockbuster. i hate case studies. and i mean that in the strongest form of the word.

maybeee… maybe i can knock out a few POM assignments before i go to rob/JB/matt/leander’s place later. i’m stressed.

adam, thank you for calling today, i needed it. i hope you’re doing okay because you definitely didn’t sound like it on the phone. i miss youuu. :heart: