Biore Self-Heating Masks = Mmm...Heavenly

[edit] i just realized this post really sounds like it’s one of those pay-per-post things. it’s not, i promise. these masks are gifts from jesus, seriously. [/edit]

i have always had problems with my face since being in college. i’ll go for a few weeks and it will be flawless and then either my period or stress will make it go haywire. it’ll be super dry but still break out all over.

my mom bought these Biore masks for me over easter break and never having used a mask before, i got all excited about it. i put it on and looked like a smurf and thought it was awesome. as soon as i washed it off, my face felt smoother than ever. it made my skin feel like it could breathe again and it wasn’t oily or dry or anything–perfect. i’ve been using them once a week and aside from one slight breakout i got over my period, it’s been awesome. i think quitting my birth control pill may have contributed a bit, too. the mask really does the trick though. i’m hooked.

i just thought i’d pass that along because i’ve never had something work that quickly for me and make my skin feel that good. hooray!