been a while

i’ve been slacking on the updates… mostly because i’ve been trying to stay busy as much as possible. the roommate situation is definitely way better than i ever imagined and it’s helped me immensely with adam’s deployment. i mean, i think about him all the time, but when i have someone who lives here who likes going out and cooking and staying in and playing video games (guitar hero will be the death of us) and all that kind of stuff, it makes things a lot easier, and it feels a lot more like home.

my mom brought loki up yesterday and she gets along great with laura’s cats. it’s so funny to watch them play together. it’s a zoo here now, officially. maybe we should get a hamster and some more hermit crabs. perhaps a bird. maybe even a ferret while we’re at it.

laura and i hosted game night saturday night and i think we’re both in agreement that it was a success. we had 20 some people here which was awesome. cranium, battle of the sexes, mafia, and guitar hero were played and i think we got a whopping 7 words on our massive freaking crossword puzzle of 40,000 words. it’s 7’x7′ and it’s thumbtacked up on our wall mocking us because it knows that we will never be able to fill it in. if we did 20 words a day, it would still take us about 5 years to complete it. i’m just happy that i did a few. we went overboard on the food that night, also. i think laura spent $30 on cheese. i didn’t know that cheese was so expensive, nor did i know that there were so many weird kinds. i never really pay attention to that aisle in the grocery store. learn something new everyday! so that was interesting. i made chexmix (of course) and we still have a ton leftover so i’ve been passing it off to the neighbors when i can. and then eating some because i can’t hold myself back. i’ll put up pictures from saturday because i got some good ones. it was also nice to finally meet everyone from partyapp that i’ve know for um, 3 years now online, and hadn’t met before.

oh, and the ALUG LAN was on friday. this was a busy weekend, i guess. those pictures aren’t as entertaining but there’s a really dumb video that’s going to be uploaded. i never realized how awful my voice sounds in real life. i’ll have to work on that. i can’t imagine how it is when i’m drunk. the only thing that comes to mind is “redneck chipmunk” and then i cringe.

hooray for MLK day and getting a vacation out of it. i’m going to go back to being a bum for the remainder of the day. with the exception of a little vacuuming and making sure i don’t have any homework so i can be a bum without compulsively worrying about it. i think i’m getting worse.

i miss youuu, adam. :heart: