bad news sucks

after a really awesome weekend, relaxing finally, and letting off some steam, it had to get all trompled on. adam’s tour got extended to january 2008. there was rumor of him coming home in july and a rumor about september. i was trying not to get my hopes up and keep thinking it was september, so if he actually did come home in july it’d be the best surprise ever. but january?!! what the hell is that crap? he’s been there since july, you assholes. let them come home.

dear mr. george bush,
i hate you. you are a dick


and i’m really worried about JP, my stepbrother. we talked last night and today and i’m just kind of unsettled about the way things are going. he’s a big boy but i know how he is and after having gone through what he just went through in iraq, that makes me even more nervous. i wonder if even maia is able to get through to him right now. he’s so defensive every time we talk, like he feels as if i’m the bad guy trying to pry information out of him when in reality i’m only trying to have an honest conversation with my big brother that i love to death and would be so happy to at least try to help. if anything, hang out with him. i’ve not seen him since he’s come home because i’ve not been able to pay for gas money to go back home yet. i’m going to try soon though if he doesn’t come up this week like he said he might.

sometimes i wish i wasn’t a girl so things like this didn’t get to me so much.