back from asheville

that trip was one of the most fun weekend trips i’ve ever taken. the four of us got there friday afternoon and walked around downtown asheville all evening. we went to a really good restaurant called the bier garden and i had fish and chips (fries)… i haven’t had any that good in a long time. the atmosphere in that town is really similar to boone, only the city itself is a lot more lively and entertaining. we went in all the cool stores and took a short tour of the art museum which was actually pretty cool. i’ve never been in a place like that before and i wasn’t bored like i thought i’d be. i enjoyed it. there are a ton of bars/pubs/restaurants/lounges and they have a tiny movie theatre where we went and saw napoleon dynamite. that movie, by the way, is hilarious. i was laughing my ass off the whole time. downtown asheville definitely rocks and given the chance, i’d live there in a heartbeat.

we woke up around 9 this morning and walked to cracker barrel once we were all ready to go. it ended up being more like brunch since we weren’t done eating until noon anyway. we left for the biltmore house after we ate and i didn’t think it was as close as it was. all i have to say is, wow. that place is amazing. everything about the area is completely beautiful… even the bathrooms are cool. and the hallways. and the stairs. i mean, even the kitchens are cool and the servants’ rooms. it’s ridiculous. we spent an hour or two just touring the house. we went outside and walked around the gardens, and got ice cream, and got yelled at for playing with the horses, and the guys molested statues… kennedy proposed to jessica…!!! holy shit. i am so happy for them. :smile: he found the most beautiful spot to do it too. to the both of you, congratulations and tons of love. i know you’ll last forever.

after walking forever and ever, we finally found the waterfall we were looking for. we were all exhausted after four hours of exploring so we were ready to leave. we made our hike back to the parking lot (which seemed like miles) and went back to the hotel.

now jarrod and i are back home and kennedy and jessica are still back in asheville. they’re coming back tomorrow sometime i think. they need their time together. :cool:

i think everyone is going to see AvP tomorrow and then i think we’re all gonna throw down at thomas’s house, or byrd’s? i’m not sure which. it will be fun.

monday night, alex’s house w/matt & collin. i still have to make plans with everyone else to meet up before i finally leave for boone. i won’t be home for at least the first month of school.

i’m done talking, drew. :angry: