appalachLAN IV

the LAN was a hit yesterday. we had so many people, awesome tournaments, a ton of out-of-towners and i saw everyone i hoped i’d see. red bull is my hero and clay, you can be my best friend for the rest of my life for hooking us up with the pinz. you and your friend. now i can say that i sat in the driver seat. if only i could have reached the pedals. we had a lot of fun. i filled up my camera, jb’s camera, rob’s camera a few times, and a lot of leander’s. so…. i think it’s safe to say that i took 300-400 pictures. and a lot of video footage. :right: heh… i get the job done. and everyone wore their gaming club t-shirts! i am so proud of them. it’s strange seeing other people walking around with your designs on them. pictures and video will be up as soon as possible.

my roommate is moving out, so if someone needs a place to live, e-mail me. i need a new one. or she gets the apartment complex to pick a random one, and we all know how that works out.

it’s snowing… and it’s sunday… and the weekend excitement has died down. i really wish no one had gone home already. it’s been so much fun hanging out at robert’s with bear and jd and chig and everyone. we camped out in chig’s truck in the best buy parking lot in hickory so robert could buy his Wii and he got it! $360 for the Wii, an extra controller, zelda & red steel, and something else i can’t remember. we were in that parking lot from 5-9:30 this morning and it was even more fun that we hadn’t slept at all and we were so giggly from being sleep deprived that we laughed at everything. i got pictures from robert’s friday night and those turned out well. i love my nerd friends. they make me oh so very happy.

now i’m at home with loki and it is lonely and boring and cold. i miss you, adam. it’s been over 2 weeks since i’ve talked to you, and tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary. maybe you’re doing this on purpose and you plan on calling tomorrow. i’m not really sure… but… i really miss you. :heart: