another late night

it’s almost 6 am. the birds are chirping outside my window, loki’s snoring on my couch, and i’m wide awake. kimmy and i had a huge lunch and a huge dessert (marble slab ice cream is amazing and i had never been there before, CURSES!) and i came home and after eating like that, i was so relaxed and content and therefore, absolutely worthless. i cleaned up my room, took loki out, put on some music, screwed around online for a while, and passed out cold. i slept from 9pm until midnight and then got a phone call at 2 in the morning so i went to wood circle to hang out with a bunch of people, some i hadn’t seen in entirely too long. freshman seminar might’ve been a pointless class but it was fun and i made some good friends, and it’s nice to know that they’re still around. anyway, i hung out until about 4 and now i can’t go to sleep because i’m wired. i’m a moron.

a guy from work came and fixed the other side of my new desk that hadn’t been screwed in yet and that was around 11 so i had to wake up “early” (considering i went to bed super late again last night) to let him in the apartment so he could do his thing. i passed out after he left and woke up to the best sound in the world, a phone call from adam! it was really strange though because i was kind of going in and out of sleep, and my phone scared the crap out of me. before i even looked at it, the first thing i thought was “adam” and then i looked at the phone and sure enough, there he was. weird. i love it when weird coincidences like that happen that make you wonder. it was nice hearing his voice but he uses his buddy’s iraqi cell phone and i swear to god i hate that thing. it cuts us off every time we talk. we got some kind of good, kind of bad news. adam’s not coming home in july. he’s coming home in august. that’s bad because i know how badly he wants to get out of that shit hole. it’s good because in august i won’t be in school for 3/4 of the month so i won’t be stressed over exams and school work when he’s here so i can enjoy his and my time off a hell of a lot more. 3 months is still better than 9. hopefully we’ll get to talk before i leave for scandinavia. still not sure if my phone will work there, but supposedly cingular works.

5-6 days until i leave. aaahhhh… so excited!