Another Idiot

apparently there is a girl on,, and some diaryland website who has been posing as me since at least september with other persons (ie. this kid she managed to have some internet relationship with) and has had accounts with my pictures since 2003. this was brought to my attention by someone on myspace who says she has been under the alias “Nina Cruz”, a 21 year old girl supposedly from Madrid living in Japan to study. she also used the profile name xlil_mz_sweetyx. her e-mail address is xxlil_mz_sweetyxx, and her real name is Miyoshi and she lives in Japan. i think she’s nuts… but then again, this has happened before. the only difference between this one and the last one is that this girl didn’t go burn the poor, gullible guy’s house down.

so, my point is… if you somehow are in contact with this girl, it isn’t me (duh) and you should probably ignore her before she comes to the U.S. and starts committing arson.

where do these kinds of idiots come from? jesus, people. are you that pathetic? imitation is supposed to be “flattery” at times but this is taking it to the next level above and beyond what can hardly be called flattering. now my mom and dad are going to start the “you need to take your website down” speech again and it’s not going to happen, sorry. let me prepare myself for the earful.

oh, and also, there are pictures that she sent to people that are quite revealing yet they don’t show the face. you know why? because it isn’t me. there are not ANY pictures of that nature of me on the internet. i feel really sorry for the suckers who got talked into this. for future reference, if you are gonna try to date someone online (wtf, why?) then at least get a picture/video/whatever of them with a piece of paper with your name AND theirs…. and any other kind of proof you can think of. because you’re only setting yourself up to meet some kind of freak on the other side.

i’d hate to be those few people who went and met her. shivers