An Eventful Day

so… i slept through my alarm again. :crazy: i was talking to brent about alarm clocks today and he suggested i get one like he has except not nearly as loud as his because it’s nearly deafening. he’s got one that shakes his bed and makes his lamps blink like crazy in addition to being insanely loud… if that doesn’t wake someone up, i don’t know what will. i always sleep through wednesdays. it’s not a good thing and i need to get myself out of doing it before it becomes habit.

i got out of bed and walked to king street to ram’s rack to meet daniel and we looked around the thrift store. we found absolutely nothing. i did get to play with a cute puppy though! we went in the antique store and i’m pretty sure i was embarrassing daniel. i’m like a little kid and i pick up everything in there and have to check it out… i found a magnifying glass and i was holding it right on my face trying to walk around the store without bumping into anything. i found it quite fun but he started laughing at me and kept walking the other direction. ass. we went in the bead shop too and i was playing with the charms i found and i was looking at this one little one for forever trying to figure out it was. it was pissing me off and then i realized it was actually in the shape of 2 people having sex and i immediately dropped it because it was a little awkward… hahahaha, and i looked like a dumbass looking at it with a horribly confused face.

i met up with jill after i went to ink link. i asked one of the guys that works there how much a certain tattoo would be (dad, if you read this, i didn’t get one and i don’t plan on it unless i tell you about it first, so don’t freak). we went to lunch w/daniel and mike at welborn and daniel brought up the fact that whenever you eat there, all the food manages to taste the same. kind of strange… but very true. except the pineapple. that will remain my favorite. :biggrin:

after james took me by the bank i went back to my dorm for a while. jill came by and we originally were going to go to wal-mart just to screw around before we left for geno’s but then i decided i wanted to go to the mall, which is maybe, MAYBE 1/10 the size of the one back home. since the appalcart takes forever and a day to go anywhere in boone (being the freaking huge town it is, HA!) i changed my mind yet again on the way TO the mall. we passed pizza hut so i decided that it sounded good and on the last round around the town we got off at the stop across the street, hauled ass across hwy 321, and grabbed our food which i had conveniently ordered on the phone while riding the appalcart. thank you to whoever thought of 411. :wassat: you are a lifesaver!!!!11

james picked us up from pizza hut and we crammed in the truck to go to geno’s. i didn’t know so many people were gonna show up. it was me, jill, james, ryan, dillan, brandi, ashley, brian, brian’s girlfriend, johnny and 2 of his friends, and stephen. i ended up eating again… yep. hot wings are a weakness. i left before karaoke started because it didn’t even start when i left and i left at 11. daniel came and picked me up and before taking me home he stopped to get dinner at mcdonald’s. dude… the guy working the take-out window looked EXACTLY like milton from office space. you know, the stapler guy! daniel’s sitting there the entire time talking like milton making fun of the man at the window who’s serving him his food and both of us are laughing so ridiculously hard that we can barely even pay the man without dropping the money out the window. daniel had to hold his breath so he could keep a halfway straight face to even say thank you to the man. he probably thought we were high or drunk so he tells us to please be careful and have a good night… man, it was funny. my stomach hurt after that one. freaking awesome night.

i don’t understand how i’ve gotten so lucky. i’m having the time of my life in college. granted, i miss my friends back home and the ones away at college, but i still get to hang out with them and all the people here in boone, too. i have daniel who is SO good to me and god, i’m in love with this boy. my job is the coolest job in the world and my parents and i get along better now than we did when i was in high school. i don’t always take time to stop and think about just how good i’ve been living lately and the past few weeks have really made me realize it even more.

on that note, i’m going to bed. i gotta get up early tomorrow. let’s hope i wake up on time! :smile: goodnight.