almost the weekend

it’s already almost friday and it still feels like monday. for the past couple days i’ve been thinking that this weekend was halloween for some reason, and it’s not. i’m all screwed up. this weekend is homecoming and it better be fun. i’m usually not much for big events like this… eh. oh well. guess i’ll see for myself when all the fuss starts on friday. i won’t be going anywhere this weekend so i’m actually staying here at school. i haven’t done that in a while, or had a weekend where i didn’t make big plans for anything. it’ll be nice to just do nothing and wing it.

next weekend is going to be ridiculous. thursday night is queensryche back home and saturday night will be a big party and sunday night i’m spending halloween back home at thomas’s with everyone. i’m going to be freaking everywhere. i thought that once i got to college i wouldn’t be driving as much as i did back home. i was always out doing something. at school i usually walk everywhere or ride with other people since my car is down the street, but i’ve been putting miles on that thing like crazy. aaahhh… i am starting to hate driving.

i need to get a good night’s sleep tonight. i got in one of my weird moods tonight where i just freak out and don’t really have a clue what’s going on in my head and i think know i got daniel all worried and that wasn’t cool either. i need to chill out, get my papers e-mailed to my teachers, and just go to bed. i haven’t been to bed before midnight since i’ve been at school i don’t think. midnight or later… bad idea.

thank you, ry~ry, for going to lunch with me today. it needs to happen more often. way more often.