Almost Finished

i think i’m pretty much done with my resume/portfolio. godaddy was having a promo the other day and if you signed up, you received a free domain. i finished up my portfolio when i was at work, came home, registered a domain, and voile! i can has new portfolio! so here it is- kudos to me for registering the cheesiest name possible. at least it’s fitting… :doh:

work decided to close the office for the day, and coincidentally adam got the day off, too. can you guess what we did with our time off? surprise! we slept until past lunchtime. actually, i woke up around 12:30. adam got up at ohh… 3. you’d think we stayed up last or something. we went to bed at 10 last night. i think that’s the earliest either of us have gone to sleep in weeks. i guess lack of sleepage caught up over the week.

my week actually went by pretty smoothly. work is same ol’. since we don’t really have any clients right now (because people refuse to look for them) i’ve been busy trying to look busy. like making my portfolio. heh. we also try to go to beef o’ brady’s and the cafe next door as much as possible. horne’s is the cafe next door to us and everyone that works in there is unbelievably nice. it’s like family, now. they know all of our names and they give us free drinks and extra cream cheese in the mornings. :wink: one woman (i swear, she is so freaking sweet) is hiring me to do her church’s website and she keeps telling me that she’s going to tell everyone she knows to hire me, too. she wants me to be able to support myself with my workload rather than working for someone else making way less money. the woman is on a mission. it’s awesome.

i really wish i could say more on here about the drama that is unfolding at work. it’s ridiculous, although at this point i’m unsure as to whether or not people there know my website. i don’t want to get dooced like heather. it’s SO hard to bite my freaking tongue, though. office politics is nothing compared to this. nothing.

sorry, i hate it when people do what i just did–tell you part of something exciting and then not finish. but i think it’s hurting ME even worse not being able to put it out there.

anyway, i got the other 1/4 of my paycheck that was “left out” and cashed it today. it immediately went to dog food, dog biscuits, and gas. despite my huge hankering for o’charley’s, i resisted my temptation and bought what i needed, came home, cleaned, and cooked up some macaroni-tuna salad. as i type this, i’m literally smacking the animals away from stealing my macaronis. and now thor is biting the shit out of my knee. sometimes i wonder why we have this zoo but then thor will poke rampage in the eye and run away and i remember exactly why we keep them around.

ok… needs more twisted tea. :full: