today has already rocked and i haven’t even left my bedroom except to brush my teeth! how freaking awesome.

i woke up and got an e-mail back from a guy i job shadowed during my senior year and now i will be working 2 or 3 summer jobs, depending on whether or not i get a call from the 3rd guy. my interview at wake forest is on friday after i go work at this new place and hopefully things will all start falling into place. this will also be a kickass opportunity to learn a hell of a lot more about IS and networking. i’m so excited!

and i got the site re-done, finally. i’d been meaning to do it for months because i was so sick of the other layout, and i don’t love this one to death either but it works. it definitely describes how this summer is going to be. aside from working, i plan on having a hell of a lot of fun. i have jill, fayre, ryan, becky, and sarah home this summer and all my buddies in king (who seem to all be simultaneously migrating to the neighborhoods near my house) and friends in k-vegas/pfafftown and geez… can’t forget boone! :wink:

gonna go finish unpacking. my room is piiimp! :tongue: