A Little Lady

somehow over the course of a month, caylin has turned into one. like… leaps and bounds of progress in every area.

at 5 months and 1 week she is

  • sitting up unassisted and playing with her toys
- able to pull herself into a sitting position by holding onto my fingers - playing peek-a-boo! well, mostly i play, but she loves it and that makes me happy - getting better at eating real food, meaning she actually swallows her bananas now instead of spitting them everywhere ![20130205_075904](/content/images/2013/02/20130205_075904-768x1024.jpg)
  • shoving everything and anything in her mouth

  • trying to grab everything in sight, especially the TV remotes, don’t know why

  • getting really good at standing. her little legs are to die for!!!

  • jumping. all. the. time.

  • especially enjoying “the four tops” radio station on pandora (passing on the nostalgia, and appreciation for the golden oldies, i have to)

  • going to bed between 8 and 9:30 every night lately, depending on how much combined energy brett and i have to wear her out, which means she’s up at 4:30 to eat, back to sleep, 6 to eat, back to sleep, 7 to eat, back to sleep. and i am le tired.

  • SITTING IN A HIGH CHAIR. in a restaurant. it only lasted about 15 minutes before she got burnt out. she didn’t stop turning her head from side to side trying to look at everyone and everything, so we ended up letting her sit up in her carrier in the booth playing with straws and napkins instead. whatever keeps her from crying.

every night this week when i’ve put her to bed, i zoned out for like 20 minutes after she passed out and i just laid there curled up next to her. it’s just crazy to think that a month ago, she couldn’t sit up without faceplanting shortly thereafter. she’s still so tiny and i already catch myself getting pissed off at how much she’s grown up. i love cuddling her and seeing her little smile and i don’t ever want this to end.