A Blur

that’s what the last 7 months feel like, at times.

especially day to day. a normal day goes like this:

  • wake up around 6:30-7. caylin is more often than not, the first one up. the babies are usually stirring or babbling before or around then.
  • get caylin moving so she gets dressed and ready for school, make the bed, head downstairs to make her breakfast, get her backpack ready, and prep the baby bottles.
  • brett takes her to school, and i go back upstairs and get the babies up. change them, get all their stuff, and lug them downstairs. one in each arm.
  • sit on the couch and feed the babies before mom gets here, usually watching the dreaded baby first channel. it’s fine… but the music OMG. “IT’S HARRY! THE BUNNY!”
  • mom gets here, and i go upstairs. either cram a workout in before i start working, or work for a couple hours and cram a lunch workout in.
  • eat lunch at my desk, or occasionally go out to lunch with brett or friends.
  • work for the rest of the afternoon, until mom leaves around 5.
  • start getting dinner ready before brett gets home, and i usually leave to go get caylin.
  • pick up caylin from gymnastics around 5:30 and bring her home. finish getting dinner ready.
  • eat dinner, clean up, laundry, hang out with the girls for a little bit before bedtime routines.
  • feed babies around 7:30-8 while caylin runs around, usually doing the opposite of anything we tell her.
  • put babies to bed, and start bedtime with caylin. read a book and watch cooking/craft/science videos.
  • go downstairs around 9, pack caylin’s lunch, clean up.
  • couch… finally. work for a while, side projects, watch an episode of whatever show we’ve been watching.
  • and either bed, or stay up until 3-4-5-whatever studying or working on X, Y, and Z projects.

part of me is fine with routine. but i’ll be damned if sometimes it makes it feel like it’s just flying by even faster.

we went to isle of palms for thanksgiving, stayed home for christmas (dad and christine came and stayed here), stayed home for new years.

phil moved down to charleston recently to take a new job, which is great. brett finally has a really close friend down here, and phil is awesome. he’s been visiting fairly often since he doesn’t have a place to live yet (he’s been staying at my mom’s in the interim).

i haven’t traveled for work since the week before christmas.

we got the “snowstorm” last week. charleston never gets snow, so the 7-8″ we got was absolutely unheard of for this area. snowed in, because no salt, no trucks, no 4WD (at least not on my car). cabin. fever.

on the plus side, caylin finally got to see SNOW. not just flakes in the air. not just frost. she finally got to play in the snow. she froze her ass off, because we don’t have legit winter clothes anymore. but it finally happened :)

so basically, weeks of being home for hours on end, plus snow, plus caylin out of school, plus babies all day… the only thing that really broke it up at all was phil visiting and my parents visiting. it’s been a long few weeks.

finally went “back to work” on monday. i put that in quotes because that simply means mom was back to taking care of the babies during the day, and i get to be back upstairs, working, and have time to myself. this week has felt like vacation in comparison.

i fly out next monday for DC for 6 days. work through wednesday, and then SHMOOCON til sunday! i can’t wait to see so many amazing people. haven’t been able to go to a conference since before babies were born, minus bsides charleston.

and then the day after i get home, brett flies out to california for 5 days because he’s starting a new job.

it’s about to get interesting with us both having travel schedules from here on out!

in the meantime, i’m still dealing with whatever hormonal imbalance this is. 7 months later. i’ve stopped drinking during the week (still going strong), eating right, taking care of myself, working out every day. doing what i can to put myself right. my body is just like NOPE. not ready yet.

i have been drawing more lately at night. it’s relaxing.

i made pastries for the first time, and possibly my new favorite meal ever–butter chicken.

i bought a sewing machine and started on the nerd quilt. i cut out all the squares, so next step is ironing the backing onto them. might try and tackle that tomorrow.

after the last few months, all i can say is… the universe has impeccable timing <3