33 Weeks, Pregnant With Twins

had my 33 week ultrasound yesterday. i’m 147lbs, so up roughly 25-27lbs from pre-pregnancy. everything is going well, minus the part where baby A is 11oz smaller than baby B now. up until a few weeks ago they were neck and neck the whole time. and then baby B took off like a rocket. or as brett says, now she’s a whole beer bigger.

nothing to panic or worry over, everything looks healthy otherwise. but now i will be visiting 2 times a week instead of 1, since that is the case. i wouldn’t mind going that often if it wasn’t such a crap drive. or if i didn’t always end up waiting forever and a day. but. that’s the way it is. i go back tuesday and thursday next week to get strapped to one of those monitor things that wraps around your stomach.

until then, keep doing what i’ve been doing. if i don’t go into labor on my own by 5/25, they’re going to induce on 5/26. the day after caylin’s preschool graduation. can we possibly cram anymore emotion into 1 week? my babygirl finishes preschool, and 2 more pop out. this is all happening way too fast. i just had caylin for chrissake.

still no signs of pregnancy yet, other than the fact that i can definitely tell that the time is coming. the braxton hicks have been in full swing. not painful ones, but every time i switch positions, bam. and mild cramping. and the discomfort just about everywhere. skin pain is at an all time high, lotion does nothing, and every bra i own hurts like a mother. uterus is all up in my lungs now. the sheer weight of my stomach (9 lbs of baby + everything else right now) is painful, so laying/sitting down comfortably for more than like 20 minutes is a pipe dream.

a little more-than-mild cramping since yesterday. the doctor checked to see if i was dilated at all yet (i wasn’t), but what she did felt like the last time (painful). which sent me home with cramps, and into labor a day later. so. who knows. could be 3 weeks. could be 2 days. could happen on its own, or it could not. either way, i don’t like not being in control, or feeling like a human jack-in-the-box.