28 Weeks, Pregnant With Twins

i haven’t updated with regards to the pregnancy since december. i don’t even think i’ve blogged since then, other than the photo posts. i told myself i’d document this pregnancy better since i didn’t do a great job with the last one. i guess we can all see how that turned out.

so far, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. no abormalities, no health issues, everything looks great so far, babies growing like crazy, no weird cravings, nothing exciting. my doctor (who is amazing, by the way, i love this woman) keeps saying it’s a textbook perfect pregnancy, even for multiples. i’m weighing in at 137-138lbs. still working out every day. haven’t changed anything other than the fact that working from home is about all i want to do these days. my back KILLS and the skin burning sensation that i thought was bad last time? well, it’s definitely worse this time around. during the work day, i want nothing but solitude and the couch and sweatpants and to get my shit done.

my doctor has no issue with my weight so far, but she was out last week, and the stand-in doctor i got was less than satisfied with that number. told me i need to load up on the food/extra calories, “no matter what kind of food it is”. i’m not a health freak–i cook at home a lot, and we eat a lot of salad, veggies, chicken, etc. but we also eat crap like donuts once in a while. i bake a lot. we eat pizza, pasta, etc. i’m not paleo, like a lot of the crossfit world, or anywhere close. but i’m also not going to eat just for the sake of eating. and i’m not going to intentionally load up on empty calories. 1) eating a lot right now is already uncomfortable and makes it harder to breathe, 2) it makes me feel like crap. it was just strange how she began scolding me, when all throughout the rest of my pregnancy, my doctor has been completely fine with the way everything has been progressing. reason #4329 why i prefer my doctor.

anyway, again, only complaints so far are the back pain and the skin burning. working out/stretching/staying active helps in spurts. seems like laying or sitting down for extended periods of time are what really do me in. i have a semi-waddle going on, usually worse towards the end of the day. basically, everything is uncomfortable and i’ve just decided that is going to be it for the next 2 months.

i have to say, being pregnant around caylin is a lot of fun. she is constantly asking about the babies. talks about them, gives them hugs, asks how big they are. “what’s the babies the size of today?” gives them kisses. lays her head on me when we’re in bed or watching TV. she has already decided which one (ella or zoey) is on which side. talks about what she’s going to teach them, what toys she wants to give them. it’s awesome and so sweet and i love seeing her embrace it. just hoping she embraces it this much when they’re actually here, screaming and crying and the whole deal.

i’m ready to be not pregnant at this point, but i’m not at all ready for what’s to come. i don’t think either of us is ready. i can’t imagine myself with 3 kids. this house. us. any of it. it just seems so surreal still. the nursery is pretty much done–still waiting on the cushions for the glider to come. i had them remade from a woman on etsy. still have to hang the mobile i finally finished. otherwise, baby toys. we got rid of most of caylin’s i think. either that or i hid them really well.

still have to get a few more car seats. got both of the ones for my car, and got the double stroller. got a baby brezza formula dispenser from a friend at work (and MAN i can’t wait to see how much easier that will make that whole process). probably gonna need another diaper genie. need to sign up for diapers/wipes subscriptions on amazon. all the little odds and ends.

caylin is finally signed up for kindergarten, which is also terrifying. i feel like she’s still a baby some days. this morning she reminded me that she’s almost as tall as me. which, sadly, isn’t as far from the truth as i wish it was.

our goal of getting the backyard patio done before the babies is still a goal. the digging/gravel/sand is done. now we need to pick out pavers and finish this crap. and get rid of the mountains of dirt we dug up. we’re both sick of it. sick of shoveling. sick of looking at it all. ugh. and then hopefully the fun part–getting a swingset. patio furniture. i can’t wait. caylin is going to LOVE IT. she loves the one at our next-door neighbor’s house, but they have dogs that caylin isn’t too fond of, to say the least. and the playground in our neighborhood is just sad. this will be so much fun for her.

so… that’s a big leap from 12 to 28 weeks. a lot has happened. fingers crossed everything continues as smoothly as it has been. i’m beyond thankful that i have been this lucky so far.