22 Months

i suck at this lately. i’ve been heads down most nights working on either stre.am or my DEF CON app (almost done! woo!). the other night i stayed up until 4:30 going through redesigns. i have left myself zero room to relax. again.

the last month with caylin has been one of the most fun by far. she gets more ridiculous and hilarious by the day.

one of the best moments, i have to say, though, was her falling asleep on me after a long day of swimming and playing outside. that hadn’t happened since she was itty bitty, and god i miss it. for months she was super anti-cuddle, wouldn’t lay with either of us in bed for more than 5 seconds, and this month, that has definitely changed. she is still a spaz and will only really lay there if she is watching sesame street, but i’ll take it.



she’s also been going through a no-nap phase. well, a lot more often than it used to be at least. we still make her have “quiet time”, whether she naps or not. usually it works, and usually she’ll sit up there and play quietly with her toys and talk to herself for like half an hour to an hour, and then pass out. but instead of passing out in bed, she passes out in her toys.



she is obsessed with broccoli (she calls it “bocky”) and ranch dressing. she demands it when she sees it in the fridge. last month and for part of this month we were struggling with getting her to say please when she wanted something because she would always just yell “MOOOOORE!”. MORE juice! MORE milk! MORE cheese! MORE crackers! that got old really quick. so now she says “PEAS! MORE BOCKY PEAS!” but at least she says it. it’s too cute.

still obsessed with the cat. especially the last couple weeks or so, not sure what’s up with that. especially since a few weeks ago caylin had the cat cornered in the bedroom. i heard her talking to him for a while (at least 5 minutes) before i heard a loud HISS and then her screaming bloody murder running down the hallway. i looked at her forehead and he had managed to make 4 perfectly aligned tiny claw holes, each bleeding just a little bit. scared the crap out of her, but evidently not enough. she still chases him and then loki gets all riled up. i feel for bad for him sometimes.


she goes to the pool almost every single day, sometimes multiple times. it’s crazy how much she loves swimming. we need to practice without the swimmies on so she at least learns to float (right now she just sinks, not good). she has no fear.






she has the cutest little “okaaay”. she says no a LOT, and never says yes. but if she likes whatever it is you’re asking her to do, she’ll say “okaaaaay” and it’s adorable. she says hi a lot too, i think in part because i say it all the time. i don’t know why. and she’ll say bye and wave. whenever i take her downstairs in the morning i tell her to say bye to daddy, so she says bye and closes the bedroom door.

she says “poo” a lot, too. and usually she’s spot on. potty training is right around the corner.

the other day she figured out that my feet are ticklish and she was laughing so hard because i was laughing and this went on for a solid 10 minutes before i couldn’t take it any longer. so goofy. and every once in a while she’ll do something weird like lick my knee or bite my leg (not hard), or lick my shoulder or something. especially when she’s done taking a bath. something about bath time just makes her nuts. still obsessed with bubbles and bubble baths, and lately she’s really into cannonballing and soaking the whole bathroom.

she lets me paint her nails now. she calls it “pretty” and holds her feet up or her hands out for me to paint them. sometimes she gets a little too excited and won’t sit still. can’t really ask a baby to sit still for that long i suppose. but she knows not to touch them and she blows on them to get them dry.



she still tries to help with yard work :)





every morning when i go in my bathroom to take a shower, i shut the bathroom door and she plays with everything under the counter. this is for 2 reasons. 1) brett doesn’t have to watch her and can maybe get a little more sleep, and 2) i don’t have to worry about her walking in on me and leaving the door wide open. so she plays with all my old necklaces and beads. between this and my underwear drawer, there’s usually something around her neck. she also tries to take my pants off for me and opens and closes the shower door, and if i don’t get my other foot in quickly enough, she starts shoving me in the shower. she definitely likes routines.




she’s an excellent mommy to her 2 babies. one of which is my old doll from when i was around her age, and the other is hers. she pushes them around in the stroller, feeds them, covers them up with blankets, and gives them lots of kisses and cuddles.


she talks just about non stop, too. “mommy daddy petey cokey [my mom’s dog’s name is chloe and she can’t say it yet] papa grammy pop gigi nono cookie juice cackas [crackers] swim papa grammy poo swim outside porch slide nose eyes ears hair!” like every word she knows. on repeat. she sings “ABCDEFG!!!” over and over again, but never has the attention span to finish the rest. she kind of hums it but just goes on her way. lots of shrieking and running around.








she is absolutely nuts but it just keeps getting more fun.