100% Boredom

i left my house this morning and halfway to work i realized i forgot my cell phone. i got to work and my laptop was totally dead. just crapped out. i turned it off yesterday afternoon when i left work and it shut down fine, and i got here this morning and nothing. i’m thinking the storm last night did something. oh well- at least it ain’t my money! i feel shut off from the world now. i’m using my boss’s computer since she just left for lunchbreak, but other than this, i’m gonna go nuts! they’ve given me absolutely nothing to do today except the usual filing which was all of 1 sheet of paper and 7 labels. i might as well have stayed home and e-mailed the damn things. oh well. i’m getting paid to eat subway and watch hot guys out the window… suppose i shouldn’t complain!

i’m going to charlotte tonight with rodda to see his roommate’s band play somewhere. i don’t know the name of the band nor do i know his roommate or where they are playing but i’m hoping it’s good. he said it’s rock so i’ve got high hopes that it’ll be an eventful night. either way, i get to go to charlotte and get out of this city for a few hours.

tomorrow is thomas’s birthday (happy early birthday tomASS! something incase it decides to rain thursday. i’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t. i want to get rid of this stupid looking farmers’ tan ASAP.

regardless of the lake situation, i always have arizona pete’s to look forward to. thursday night will be a fun night, and hopefully i’ll get to party friday night somewhere and go back out to the club again saturday. i love having full weeks because i never have to worry about downtime and it keeps me going.

i just found out from my dad that we might be going back to lake norman this weekend for fathers’ day. twice in a week… yay for laying by the pool in the sunshine. :smile:

i’m gonna go, but i’m going to try to take pictures when i’m gone tonight. i’ve been slacking on the random stupid pictures lately. sorry!