today turned out pretty alright. i had a test in ap physics & us history, and then 2 quizzes in english. those weren’t fun, but at least i got good grades. the day went by really slow for some reason. it’s always fun in the morning at career center, and then once i get back to school, it goes so so slow. especially 6th & 7th period.

i didn’t stay after school very long, only about 20 minutes. i came home and changed and stuff, and ended up going back out again. collin & i went to eat at ruby tuesday’s. i haven’t been there in years. i love that place, but we spent $40 on food, though. i can’t imagine the tips they make there. those waiters must rack in some big bucks on the weekends.

speaking of waiting, my schedule for this week is all screwed. i work at pizza hut tomorrow night (5-9ish), saturday night (5-9ish?), and sunday (12-3). it should be an interesting weekend to say the least. i get to work with the manager. exciting! except not at all. i can’t stand him. i’ll deal with it.

tomorrow is thursday, which means it’s almost friday. thank god. i hate the weekdays. i’ll post later, maybe.