today wasn’t half bad with the exception of it being school picture day. that part sucked. AP comp sci is going to be incredibly boring the next few days. we’re writing these programs, and they’re due who knows when. there are 2 of them. i finished mine in about 5 minutes. along with maybe 2 other people at the most. now i have nothing to do. and half the class doesn’t understand c++. i want to move to AB!!! gah.

i had to work 3-5 again today over in reynolda village. so exciting. i didn’t have a whole lot to do since my boss wasn’t there. i don’t like the templates i’ve made so far for our demo project, so i’ve been re-doing them. i’ve got about 3 so far that i don’t like. i’m way too picky about that crap.

my webcam hasn’t crapped out on me yet. it’s been on for a while now. jinx it’ll die in about 5 minutes, having just said that. oh well. i’m gonna go finish up physics and precal.