well, this layout will be the new one once everything gets set up. good lord i hate domain registration shit. it’s so annoying, especially when it takes 3 days for everything to get set up. the site has been down long enough. i’ve had too much down time. before this year the site was never down. oh well. it’s probably better this way anyway. i’ve got a lot going on this summer.

i went to disney for a week, week-long LAN parties, i’ve been out almost every night this summer, i’ve started a job doing professional webdesign and CBT design, i’ll start working at pizza hut after my birthday… and THEN i’m most likely going to the beach for about 4-5 days with ry~ry. once school starts back up i might not be able to update the site. i might go on hiatus. surprise, surprise! i’m not sure yet. i have to see what my workload is. i’ve got 2 AP’s and the rest are all honors, and then i’ll be working on the school website. how exciting…

this week has been a rush. doug just got back on wednesday from lacrosse camp at duke, sam came home from alaska but then left again for camp, brad and brent both left for the beach with dan and ben and a whole group of people, big al moved to texas, i’ve been out with brian & ryan a lot, i’ve had way too many ups and downs for the past 2 weeks. it’s insane. plus, i’ve worked 5-6 hours everyday this week at supercom. so so hectic.

alright, well, i’ll post when this site is actually going to be read by people. ’til then, later.