i forgot to mention the other day that the content won’t be up. i’ll put a link to my collective up at the top since that site has the links to the rest of my sites…sorry about that.

anyways, i won’t be posting a lot this week, and i won’t be here next week. there’s a LAN tomorrow through friday, plus i’ll probably be gone friday night. and i get to pack all day saturday, what fun.

on a lighter note, i got a job at pizza hut. i don’t get to start til july though. that’s alright though, all the more time to have fun…

last night was pretty cool. sam, dave, blake, & doug came over at about 8:30 and we watched fear factor & monty python… then watched monty python in japanese, and then watched a ‘documentary’ on how to use your coconuts. great fun, and all while sam blew bubbles on his awesome bubble bong. haha sam you’re a trip… yeah then blake & doug made me show sam & dave how wicket says mama, and makes really creepy noises. now he is no longer wicket, just ‘satanic dog’. they left at about 12:30… very fun night.