today was probably the most fun i’ve had in a long time… i’ve finally found a group of people i can hang out with and be my self around…

i got up at 1 and talked online for a while. at about 4, doug picked me up & we met blake at the bowling alley. we bowled 1 game, blake won (blake you suck! lol) and then we had to make a mad dash to the cars because it was raining so hard and it was really windy. i got completely drenched, but it was fun. we drove back to my house and chilled for a while…the guys left at about 6:30.

THEN john IMed me and him and sam wanted to go to the bowling alley to play pool… so me, doug, sam, & john go back there, again. we stayed for a couple hours. at like 10 we left and went to go see blake & putt putt b/c he was over there playin DDR with some other guys. it was pretty awesome, blake can dance ;o) we left and went over to daves house and ended up eating chips ahoy & watching first season episodes of the simpsons… and then watched part of snatch. that was pretty awesome.

yeah then when me & doug left, his car had rolled down dave’s driveway so we had to fix that whole problem. then we got to my place by 11:30 and he left.

definitely an awesome day/night… all my cool LAN buddies, i know you read my site, i love y’all! :o)