yay :)

okay, so the news works. the comments work. the archives work, i think. maybe this won’t give me a headache afterall.

my mom and my grandparents left for new york today so i’m sitting at home by myself like a loser. not really. i didn’t get home from collin’s until around 2:45 this morning and ended up staying awake for a few hours after that, so i slept away my afternoon for the third time recently. this has to stop. i’m going to fix my alarm clock and put it on full blast. i don’t care if this means i get 5 hours of sleep a night. i don’t like sleeping late, and especially not this late!

i’m going to get up and take a shower in a few minutes. i just wanted to get some crap on the site fixed and finished so it was off my mind and out of the way.

i’m gonna head over to my dad’s and stay there for the night i suppose. another good thing about having 2 houses to go to… if one house doesn’t have food, the other one very well could! that’s not why i’m going over there, though. i don’t stay there very often so it’s nice when i do.

my dad and i are going to get my new laptop and monitor tomorrow morning (tax free weekend!) for college. i am SO excited. my laptop is beastly: 3.0 ghz, 60gb hd, radeon 9600, DVD/CD burner, card reader, 512mb ddr… I CAN’T WAIT!

my dad and i had gone to get it monday night and since the guy checking us out was such a good salesperson, he had to mention the tax free weekend, bumping back my expected timing of laptop arrival (that night) until this friday. i was bummed, but i know it saved my dad a good hunk of money that he doesn’t need/want to spend on me anyhow. it’s just irritating getting your hopes up for something and then having to wait a week. you know how it goes!

alright, done rambling for now, i think. i’m gonna go get my ass in the shower and get some crap done around here and get information for the books i need for this fall. apparently i can order them off amazon.com (thank you dustan, appreciated information) for a good price. now i just have to e-mail my professors and figure out which books to order. fun fun.

i’ll post when i have something to post about.