today was one of the best days ever. my teachers all think i’m either on crack or drunk during my classes because i had the biggest, most retarded smile on my face the entire day today. and i could not stop laughing. sorry to everyone that i freaked out.

jill and i went with one of her friends to mcalister’s today and had nachos, turkey melts, and chocolate cake. ooohhh… i took a picture of the cake. it’s the picture of the day in the photolog. it’s so wonderful. and i got a package from my mom in the mail–another one. thank you, mom! more junk food! YES!

my lab today was alright. we finally made plates for our print designs and i don’t have to go to another lab until next thursday which is great. then i finally get to print my notepads and i hope they turn out well. i’m really excited about it. :smile: i worked pretty hard on mine so far.

the ride up to app. ski mountain tonight was hilarious. dale, jill, dustan, striebich, & i were all crammed in dale’s jeep as usual and the entire time consisted of constant screaming, whining, teasing, and laughing our asses off. skiing was even more fun. tuesday nights are so awesome simply because i have a whole ton of my friends who ski/snowboard on the same night i do so i get to catch up with just about everyone i’ve been hanging out with here at ASU as of late. everyone who works there has caught onto making fun of me already and i’m not sure how this circulates so quickly. they don’t know me. it’s weird. jill and i conquered the black diamond slope from top to bottom tonight without falling. we’ve accomplished our goal. :cool:

life is freaking great. i’m going to bed. :wink: