that hypnotist guy tonight was beyond amazing. i’ve never seen something so bizarre in my life… i hope he comes back next year. i’m definitely getting up there and making an idiot of myself. it’s midnight and i should be sleeping, but i’m not. i’m in a really shitty mood for some reason. i was at chris’s earlier and his roommate tried to hypnotize chris and i and it started to work. i was completely numb from the neck down and my heart was beating really fast when i woke up and apparently i had been laying on the floor for 10-15 minutes. i could’ve sworn it was only maybe a minute or so. it took me a few minutes to feel normal again, but after that it just put me in this crummy mood. maybe i shouldn’t let people do that at nighttime. yuck.

i might try to go to sleep but i’m wide awake. ugh. and so is everyone else in this dorm.