Weenie Roast!

yesterday was weenie roast. james, brandi, ashley, and i all went down to charlotte at about 12:30 yesterday and oh boy, it was great! so many good bands. i’m not a huge fan of all of them, but it was a great show. :smile: 3 doors down, staind, shinedown, silvertide, alter bridge, 30 seconds to mars, and lots more bands played. i successfully spilled 1/4 of a beer down my shirt and james embarrassed the crap out of us with a gorgeous guy 3 rows ahead of us. it was worth it, though. we nicknamed him elliot and harrassed him by throwing pennies at his back and taking pictures. i got probably 200+ pictures yesterday so i have to put them up. i took videos but i’m not sure if they came out because my battery kept dying. either way, it was a good time.

i’m at work and have to get back to that. the phones do not stop ringing.