Website Neglect

i never thought i’d say this, but i am really getting sick of computers. i’ve been reading a lot of articles that i’ve found on digg about addiction and i’m pretty sure i fit 99% of the criteria they’ve all listed. i don’t like it. it’s not helping my depression and it only takes time out of my life that could be spent doing other things. for years, i’ve thought that this kind of stuff was what i wanted to do for the rest of my life, but i think i’ll lose it if i spent my adult life in a cubicle or behind a computer screen 12 hours a day. that kind of throws my “plans” off a bit, if there were any real ones. since being in college, i just assumed i’d graduate, and then go work at cisco or red hat or some other place doing web design and all that but… just the thought of that makes me cringe. a lot.


  • Kristie says:

    I completely understand, it’s easy to become very attached to being on the computer a lot. I know I have the same problem, and I’m not gonna even try to act like I don’t. Though it’s still fun for me, I feel that if I had to do it as a job…every day 12 hours a day, it would get old fast, and I think I would just die from boredom. Either that or go completely insane…either way, it wouldn’t be pretty.

  • Kimmie says:

    I completely agree with you when it comes to cubicles; however, I am still working toward my CS degree. There’s so many other job opportunities out there. I really want to get my PhD and start teaching at a college. I really love tutoring students right now. I know some guys who focused in fixing computers, and all they do is IT work for programmers… meaning they don’t deal with stupid people at all. One of my friends who graduated from my school does freelance web design from home. It’s not the best paying job, but she does have the best hours. I know some people who teach night classes on web design. There’s a person here on my campus who will make websites for clubs and stuff. She also has to maintain the school’s website. You just need to start thinking creatively.

  • Anthony says:

    You have come to the exact same realization that I came to.

    Problem is I already had my CS degree, heh. I’m going to be working my balls off on a Physics degree, and then a Physics masters, though. I’m hoping my CS skills will come in handy in the Physics field.

  • Peter says:

    There’s worse ways to make a good living and not all computer jobs are in cubesville ^_^ During one data base job i got to spend my summers driving round small irish lakes labtop and echo sounder in hand. There are tons of options, heck the British Antarctic Survey hire sysadmins for their base down south, if you feel like something really different :D
    Besides that, a jobs just what you do to pay for the really interesting stuff. If you get a kick out of it then cool but its just what you do not who you are.

  • Ant says:

    To repeat what the other have said. I don’t think you are obligated to a life of cubism because you wanted to work with computers. I’m starting to do a lot more web development and design again and am thinking of growing the LLP I started as a career instead of accepting offers from cisco or banks. I figure if I really want to enjoy computers as a career, I better do something I like…even if it means taking a risk that might not pay off instead of going the secure good job route. Better to have tried, right? It’s your life, make it awesome. Auf wiedershen :F

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