Wal-Mart Adventure

grainger and i are awesome. yesterday after we went and got mexican we went to wal-mart… you can’t go anywhere with this kid without going to wal-mart in the process. :angry: anyway, neither of us really had any purpose of going but we just walked around. i always look at the little kids shoes because most of the time they have something cool for like $10 that’s my size. this time… was the mother of all finds.

i found red kid connection brand shoes… that look exactly like chucks. they were $3 and i paid for them entirely in american and australian change to a mildly retarded cashier named jimi hendrix. :cool: you can’t get any more awesome than that. we rock.

today i drove back to boone and went to daniel’s instead of going to my dorm. i didn’t clean up my disaster area before i went home on monday and i was dreading the mess i was doomed to come home to so i avoided the whole event. we watched men in black and caught up with eachother’s latest breaking news (not hardly) since i hadn’t seen him since last saturday morning. for-ev-er… :crazy:

i just made dinner and now i’m going to enjoy it. :smile: and i forgot all about this stupid parent interview thing that’s due tomorrow so i might as well get that out of the way right now, too. bye… :biggrin:

[edit] PICTURES ARE UP!!! :wassat: [/edit]