Twitter-Tools Fix

after installing and re-installing twitter-tools about 12 times, i finally decided to actually LOOK at the plugin code to see what it was that was making the link to my twitter RSS feed be at the top of my tweets list all the time. i will blame my past attemps on laziness because i just didn’t want to mess with it. now i’m extremely bored and took a minute to write an if statement. oh, what an exciting life i lead. :wink: so here’s the fix for it. just replace “#” with the number associated with your RSS feed/user_timeline– ex. http://…/user_timeline/8094902.rss.

if ($tweet->tw_id != ‘#’)


place this around the following code in the “aktt_sidebar_tweets” function:

$output .= ‘ < li>‘. aktt_make_clickable(wp_specialchars ($tweet->tw_text)).’
< a href="'.$aktt-> twitter_username.’/statuses/’.$tweet->tw_id.'”> ‘.aktt_relativeTime($tweet->tw_created_at, 3).’< /a>< /li>‘.”\n”;

if you have any problems, let me know. it worked for me. :smile:


  • leanne says:

    wow, thanks for the headache ;)

    i was going to try twitter. but decided against. i mean, i'm a compulsive-facebook-updater so just imagine what my twitter would be like!

    -leanne is eating..
    -now drinking,
    -oh man, i need to pee…
    -nm, false alarm! lolz!

    …haha. yeah.

  • Ashley says:

    Wow your site is pretty cool. I was thinking about joining twitter earlier, and if I do, I'll know who to go to for help.

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