Too Bad

i know it sucks, so stfu. i don’t want to hear it. :biggrin: i was sick of the christmas thing seeing as how it’s nearly a month past christmas and i’ve been staring at red and green everyday for close to two months. not cool. anyhow, maybe the bright colors will keep my mind off of how cold it is here. the high tomorrow is 20B0 and the low is 6B0. this does not include the wind chill. remind me again why i chose to go to school on top of a mountain… please? i’ve been getting good at the layering my clothes thing and i’m prepared, but when that wind hits you in the face in the early morning hours walking to class… nothing can compare.

it’s midnight and i’m sleepy and i need to go to bed. 2 morning classes, a lab, and skiing tomorrow night! tuesdays will be the death of me this semester. not only that, my time with daniel will be cut a bit shorter. i miss you! :blush: