Thanks for the Coffee, Baltimore :D

i got back from baltimore late last night. this week flew by quicker than i ever thought it would. i had heard from a handful of people how bad it was going to be (the training i attended) and to my surprise, they were SO WRONG!

i don’t know if i’m just a dork or if it had something to do with the coffee (i will get to that bit momentarily) or if it was really as fun as i thought it was… but i had SO MUCH FUN during training. it certainly had the potential to quickly turn into death by powerpoint. and it didn’t. it really didn’t. i mean, we were in training from 8:30-3ish every day. the room was set up in a horseshoe, projector in the center. 4-6ish people were conducting the training, and they all had a sense of humor and understood the vitality of bathroom breaks during sessions like this. we had 10-15 minute breaks every hour. spectacular.

i can’t tell the internets what the training was for, but i can say that i think a lot of people were bored out of their minds. i am basing this decision on the fact that there were a few people with their heads propped up against the walls, mouths open, eyes closed, out cold.

i love talking about technology and security and absorbing every bit of it that i can. and the fact that my job combines that with the military absolutely fascinates me. it’s always something new and exciting. and the last 3 days were nothing but that. sure, there was some dry material in there at times, but that’s to be expected. they also threw in a lot of xkcd and lolcats in the powerpoints, and they were all relevant, so kudos to the geeks who put that together. i love you.

i am certain this field is where i belong. it just fits. i learned a lot. i also learned about coffee.

until tuesday morning, these lips had never touched coffee. i had a mocha, once. it was about 1/2 whipped cream (i don’t like whipped cream. i know. i’m weird.) and it was not that good and it made my stomach hurt. i got lost on the way to the training tuesday morning so my original plan to stop at a gas station and buy bookoos of 5-hour energy failed miserably, leaving me with no other choice. i had to drink coffee.

after the first hour of training, i looked at elizabeth and told her i needed help making coffee. you don’t know how to make coffee? no, crazy woman! i have never had it. please assist me in my caffeinated adventure. she informed me that you’re supposed to put creamer and sugar in it. i did that. i put like a half a cup of sugar in my coffee. i also put a boatload of creamer in it. and then i found the hot chocolate powder mix and it was over after that. i dumped half the bag into my cup.

my coffee looked like chocolate milk. and it tasted pretty close (minus the scalding hot part) except i am convinced that you can never fully get rid of the coffee flavor. i suppose i will have to get used to this. on day 1, i had 2 cups and i couldn’t force my face OUT of a smile for the remainder of training. everything was amusing. i kept giggling. i think the most amusing part was the frequent heart flutters and the fact that after the first cup and a half, my hands wouldn’t hold still enough to actually bring the cup to my lips. i also had to go to the little girls’ room about 7 times that day.

on day 2, i upgraded myself to 3 cups. and also on day 3. i have decided i will no longer live without coffee in my life and i will finally use the coffee maker in my kitchen cabinet. i’m not entirely sure why i have one, but somehow i acquired it during college and it stuck with me during the move.



  • CRAIG! says:

    see, what's great Whit – is that you will learn to LOVE that coffee flavor. I worked for a Starbucks Cafe at a church back in Asheville and learned all kinds of ways. When I move down – I'll show you some stuff.

  • brent. says:

    those 5 hours and red bulls cant tough the pure caffeinated ways of my Folgers every morning

  • Liza says:

    Now that you know the sweet, awesome, caffeinated nectar of the gods you'll never go back. Seriously, try to. It's impossible. The boyfriend is trying to get me to kick the habit but it's VERY difficult.

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