Takin' it Easy @ Home

after last night, i realized that i can’t party every night and not feel like i’m going to die after a 6-day binge. i felt like total ass from the point i passed out last night ’til 5 this afternoon. i decided to chill out for the day so me, wright, and dave stayed at wright’s ’til then and just ate popsicles and watched tv and family guy and were really lazy. it was so nice. :smile: i love lazy days like that.

i finally came home and showered. ry~ry came over and instead of going to dos we just went and got her wendy’s and i got an icee from burger king. they still have those green shrek icees so i was happy. they’re my favorite. anywho, we came back to my place and ate and watched finding nemo and wright and ryan came over and we just sat like lumps in front of the TV for quite a while. i cooked grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches and made myself a bowl of raisin bran since i could finally hold down food.

ry~ry (i should really start calling her maggie but i am stubborn) and ryan left my place so wright and i watched cops and tried to go to blockbuster only to find out that they were already closed before 1AM. i should’ve known seeing how this is boone… but oh well. while we were leaving blockbuster i got the worst craving for mango (thank you, daniel, for getting me hooked, ugh) so we made a 1AM harris teeter run. that’s pretty much the only place open besides lowes and huddle house. i ended up buying a crapload of fruit, freezer pops, and cake frosting with those little bitty rainbow chips in it. don’t make fun of me because this is the ONLY place i’ve been able to find that crap in like the past 5 years. i can’t find it anywhere back home… so i had to do it. the guy working the self check out thing definitely probably thought wright and i were stoned retarded because we had all this munchie food and were giggling like idiots but really it was because i was wearing a tye dye shirt and boxers and we were having a hell of a time getting the self check out thing to work. :blush: that’s alright because it was late and i was tired.

we came back and pigged out on all of it and watched top gun and now i am about to go to sleep because i am TIRED although i did absolutely nothing today.

oh yeah, pictures are up from last night at jess’s apartment and the pictures from last week are all crammed together in this gallery. if you’re wondering why we are dancing and looking like morons at jess’s place, it’s because she was playing the moulin rouge soundtrack and us girls just had to sing. fun times, fun times. :wink: it’s good to be back.