Stupid Hamsters

daniel and i were home for 10 minutes yesterday and i look in the hamster cage and there are 3 freaking hamsters babies in a nest in the bottom of the hamster cage. OUR HAMSTERS WENT NUTS WHILE WE WERE ON VACATION! the guy at the pet store told us he sold us 2 girl hamsters, and unless their gestation period or whatever it is called lasts 2 and a half months then he was way wrong. the only other possibility is that he sold us a pregnant hamster. we might end up feeding them to eric’s new columbian boa that he bought in florida, unless someone around boone wants 3 hamster babies. we have to figure out if our originals are 2 girls or a guy and a girl, and we have to figure out wtf to do with all these furry little shits. argh.

tonight is my first night staying in the dorm in like 2 damn weeks and it sucks. it’s gonna be crappy without daniel next to me and i have been sick of the dorms for months now anyway.

i don’t know why i’m in such a bitter mood at the moment. i think it’s a combination of things. i had to type up all the papers i had handwritten before spring break that i completely forgot were due and i thank god i already had them written. i lost my appcard and i’m hoping it’s in daniel’s apartment because i used it to get on the appalcart so it’s somewhere between there and his apartment, i think. :sad: and i’m really freaking hungry because i haven’t eaten since 3:15 and it’s 9:15 and i won’t be able to eat ANYTHING until i get my card back. i… need food, and sleep. i’m cranky from getting up early this morning and i just need to chill out.

i really, really need to go back to florida. i’ve not been able to relax like that in forever. daniel, thank you for an amazing spring break and thanks to all the rest of the guys that made it that much more enjoyable.