stress x1000000000000

the Gaming Club‘s first big event, AppalachLAN VII, is tomorrow and i’m beyond stressed. i think i’d even go so far as to say angry. this week has not been what i expected. i know the guys were stressed last year on the LAN committee, and i know the role of VP isn’t supposed to be all sunshine and sugar plums, but god almighty, i think i might give myself a blood clot or a stroke or heart attack or something.

let’s just say… to put it nicely… not everyone pulls their weight. when you sign up and commit to do something, YOU DO IT. it’s that simple. don’t dick around and say something like, “i’ll get to it” or lie and say, “yeah, i did that already, nothing to worry about” when really you’ve been sitting on your ass doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs and flicking boogers at the wall. that’s how mad i am… i typed the word Boogers without cringing. i absolutely hate that word.

so my blood has been boiling for the last 3-4 days. i have tried to not let it show. i got up early this morning, went to class, went to boone bagelry with jill, got the last of adam’s birthday presents, and meandered around campus enjoying the sunshiney fall weather. i did this in hopes that it would clear my head and help me relax. it helped a little bit until i spoke to one of our sponsors and found out some of our XBOX 360s are not coming (which means we have to find people to let us borrow their’s, pain in the ASS since our resources are damn near run dry).

i walked into my apartment… twitched a few times. my eyeballs may even have gone into the back of my head. then i screamed at the top of my lungs. yep… sure did. my neighbors think i’m an even bigger freak now.

after running errands, i came home with 5 boxes of crispix, 5 bags of chocolate chips, 2 tubs of butter, 3 boxes of confectioner’s sugar, 3 containers of peanut butter, 3 boxes of pancake mix, 2 bottles of syrup, and lots of BAWLS. i’m about to make a quick trip to the alphabet store and get some jack daniel’s, come home, and relax until people start showing up tonight. i need to set my mood right so i don’t stress even more and then wake up with my face entirely broken out. i think that’s the only thing that could piss me off even more at this point!