This Is So Messed Up

brett and i went to see paranormal activity 2 last night. i was reluctant since the first one was pretty much a waste of $20, but i also love scary movies so what the hell. it couldn’t be much worse.

we were both pleasantly (and unfortunately) surprised after realizing that the second movie was not only better, but that it succeeded in scaring the crap out of both of us. actually, a few parts scared me during the movie, but movies like this always screw with me even more AFTER i get home.

we got back to the apartment and brett immediately grabbed the whiskey bottle out of the freezer. i need a shot.

B: if it’s something supernatural like that, that shit’s scary. you can’t do anything, and if i can’t HIT it, i don’t like it. i’ll sit up all night with a damn shotgun.

W: what good is that gonna do?

B: i don’t know. i’ll just feel safer.

W: i’m gonna grab the garlic and the olive oil and a cross and anything else i can get my hands on.

B: GARLIC? it’s not a vampire!

W: well your SHOTGUN certainly isn’t going to help! you can’t SHOOT a ghost!


that went on until the video games started and he was back to la-la land and everything was fine.

then the cat decided to screw with us in the middle of the night by jumping on the dresser, slamming the door shut, and howling. that was super fun.

THEN… seriously, this pissed me off…

i got up this morning and was sitting on the couch after brett left for work. it’s just me, loki, and thor. the apartment is basically silent. someone came to the door, and stuck the key in the lock and jiggled the handle. i figured it was brett and he had forgotten something, so i just sat here.

they couldn’t get the door open, but before i got to the door, they tried 2 different keys. i realized it was not brett, and that someone was actually trying to get into my apartment. loki knew, too. dogs just know these things. so loki and thor were at the door with their noses stuck to the crack all suspicious-like. i looked through the peep-hole, and no one was there. i looked out the window, and no one was outside either.

i don’t know who in this apartment complex is trying to screw with me this morning, but that shit isn’t funny. i’m home alone, and i just saw a horror movie last night about people getting messed with by evil demons while they’re home alone. NOT COOL, PEOPLE. leave me ALONE.