So Las Vegas Was Fun

LAX Club in the Luxor in Vegas, Travis Barker & DJ AM played since my camera broke when i was in vegas, i’ve been waiting on everyone else to give me their collection of pictures from the trip so it actually looks like i went. some of the girls have been putting up their pictures and slowly everyone’s are trickling in. i’ll post the decent ones on here and i guess the rest will stay on facebook and/or flickr. there are some that just do not need to be shown to the world just yet. or ever. :)

the trip was a blast. the CES was bigger than i ever expected. robots, thousands of TVs, windows 7 (that crashed during the demo! score!), 3D HDTV (and free 3D glasses :wink: ), jeopardy, G4TV, gaming chairs, free beer, the works. it was incredible and if i don’t get to go this year i’m going to be pissed.

the only thing i could possibly complain about would be the fact that i could barely walk after the show or the day after it was all over and done with. i even wore sneakers, unlike some of the girls. that had to suck. at least most of the last day was spent on cabs and planes. it was well worth the pain (and consequential blisters). gross, i know. i hate that crap.

i got text messaging specifically for this trip because my professor pretty much required that we have it to keep in touch with the group. i made the mistake of turning my twitter updates on and had subscribed to #ces09 to see what was going on at the show during the day and find out where all the cool toys were. :happy: that turned out to be a ridiculously bad idea and i’m glad i had unlimited texting because at one point i received 200 updates in about 5 minutes. possibly faster than that. when i got off the plane when we landed in las vegas airport, my phone froze the entire time i was at baggage claim because it was overwhelmed with receiving all the tweets. note to self–just go on the internet and look it up next time and eliminate the risk of my phone melting.