So Happy

yesterday was unbelievably awesome and i got a ton of pictures. it was mine and daniel’s 6-month anniversary and after classes and all that fun crap i took the appalcart over to his place, we ran a few errands, and we were off on our adventure!

the 2nd date he took me on back in october he took me to price lake to walk around through the trails in the woods and all in the creeks and stuff so i got him to take us back there yesterday. we went way farther than last time and we found the perfect place to pitch a tent and have a nice bonfire and a kickass time camping. it’d be great if we didn’t get yelled at by cops this time. :biggrin: maybe we’ll do that next time we go camping. there’s a nice sandy beach-ish area on the side of the creek and then the rest is all rocks and it’d be perfect in the summertime. i spent most of the time we were there trying not to fall in while walking through the creek and climbing on crap and looking for tiny animals while daniel sat there and dug through the rocks looking for gold, rubies, and heart-shaped rocks. i found a bug and he found lots of cool rocks… and i am probably going to get sick again one of these days from going in freezing cold water and walking around the remainder of the day soaked wearing wet flip flops.

we picked up mike & chris afterwards and headed back out to the other side of boone this time to go fishing. we found a shooting range and daniel caught 1 fish and i got a dead frog. if you don’t believe me, i took a picture. we drove to a different bridge over a river and i found my own little rock in the middle of the river to lay on and play games on my phone while the guys fished (we only had 3 poles and daniel was having too much fun getting his stuck on rocks so i let him do his thing) and we had ourselves a good time. i’m pretty sure we looked like bums chillin’ underneath a bridge, but that’s alright. it was worth it.

the night was topped off by going back to eric’s place with everyone and watching the transporter and exorcist and playing poker and crackin’ open a few cold beers. fun times, fun times. daniel and i headed back to the apartment around midnight and i just woke up 2 hours ago at the freaking crack of dawn to catch the bus to my graphics class. i wouldn’t have gone if i didn’t have that stupid test. :crazy: oh well. now i’m up bright and early to enjoy the rest of my day. i’d really like a shower right now because i probably smell like beer, cigarette smoke, and pond water… so that’s what i’m gonna go do.

pictures will be up. :cool:

drew & siner & dale & dustan- lunch was fun yesterday! drew & siner, you guys need to come to boone more often.