snowboarding incident

somehow i managed to go airborne on accident when i was snowboarding today. landed flat on my tailbone and then hit my head (3rd hit to the head this weekend) and couldn’t get off the ground without help from brandon and wes. i got down the rest of the mountain okay but it hurts to sit and it hurts to walk and i want someone to make it better. :sad: i’ve not taken a hit that hard since i learned to roller skate. advil didn’t help much.

this weekend was some of the most fun i’ve ever had. non-stop excitement and lots of great people and i just have to say my neighbors are the shit. i’m surprised i’m not dead after i headbutted a log, nearly slid off half the rocks i jumped on at hebron (they were covered in a few inches of solid ice), landed on my head when i accidentally went off a jump skiing, destroyed my tailbone, and then re-knocked my head again. mom, don’t have a panic attack.

bring on the helmet jokes.

it’s bedtime for me. pictures are here. enjoy. :heart: