laura and i met up with some friends on campus to go see the hypnotist, Jim Wand, on campus tonight at the auditorium. it’s been almost 3 years (damn, i feel old) since the last time i saw him my freshman year and it was just as hilarious as the first time.

i find it completely entertaining to watch my classmates and random kids make idiots of themselves on stage, and next year, maybe i’ll finally get my chance to do the same. freshman year i was too shy to even raise my hand, and this year we had to sit in the balcony because it was so full. my chances of getting on stage were slim to none, so i sat this one out. next year… i’m getting there early and sitting right smack in the front and leaping out of my chair when he asks for volunteers. i want to make an ass out of myself flailing around and dancing and humping balloons and “giving birth” on stage. i think that if it works on me, it will be a humbling experience and will probably make me a bit more confident, if anything, if i can get up there and let my inhibitions go and act like a moron. everyone else seemed to have fun. although, you have to relax for it to work and that’s something i have trouble with.

so anyway, we all walked out of the auditorium and were standing around outside when one friend of ours expressed her disapproval of the hour and a half she had just “wasted” sitting on her ass. first of all, how could that be a waste? you just saw your friends act like total retards. people spinning around on the stage floor slapping their own asses… one kid even called his buddy to tell him his name had been changed to nancy. i would PAY to see one of my friends do that and this show has been free for years to students. second of all, you can’t possibly enjoy anything if you’re so skeptical of it being FAKE and don’t even crack a smile. i looked over a number of times during the event and she hadn’t budged… she sat in stone with a look of disgust like it was the worst thing she’d ever spent money on seen for free. seriously, lighten up.

after hearing that, it automatically made me feel like shit because i was like, “what if it is fake?” … “what if i was up there and i wasn’t hypnotized and i was expected to act like an idiot knowingly?” …then i realized that those other kids are just like me and i’m pretty sure most of them wouldn’t have willingly embarrassed themselves like that if they weren’t under some sort of mind-warp. even if it was fake, it was well worth it. why do people try and ruin things like that for other people? where’s the fun in that? it’s like going to disney world and telling some little kid that mickey isn’t real. at least have fun with it, or don’t go at all.