She's Baaack...

i’m still trying to come up with a clever idea for a new blog theme/layout. i figured, i have 4 really important and potentially very lucrative (and by that i mean career, salary, benefits, the things i will need when i graduate) interviews coming up within the next 3 weeks that i can’t afford to screw up. i needed to tone this down a bit so when some employer googles my name, they won’t think i’m out of my mind. only slightly.

so… let’s see. how do i recap the last 2 months? for starters, life is incredible. i don’t think i have ever been this happy. my head is clear, school is FANTASTIC (i love all my CIS classes this semester, coincidentally i’m the only female in 3/5 of them), clubs are going really well (AITP REPRESENT! & gaming club, of course), loki & thor are nuts as usual, money is good (still need more clients, though!), tech. support is, well, tech. support, and adam and i are doing pretty darn awesome.

he’s behind me in bed right now snoring. he went hunting at 4AM yesterday morning and then drove up to meet me at AppalachLAN XI and i took him out to dinner at hokkaido. the rest of the evening was followed by my neighbor’s party and boone saloon with my new ROTC buddies and, of course, the ever-so-notorious jimmy john’s trip. if you’ve never been to jimmy john’s, they’re like subway but better AND they are open until 3:30 in the morning. and they deliver. ZING!

speaking of my new ROTC buddies, since becoming really active in AITP this semester, i’ve surrounded myself with almost 100% AITP people and their friends. i think my contact list on my phone has doubled in the last month, if not more. let’s not even get into facebook. i’m really proud of myself for not being shy at all lately, talking to EVERYONE, being more social than i’ve ever been… i was so miserable the last year and a half or so and i feel like i lost that year and a half of my life. it is the most sickening feeling when i actually think about all the time i wasted being a wreck alone at my apartment AND incidentally the insane amount of gas money i blew going to fort bragg at 3 in the morning because i couldn’t sleep. i feel like i’ve successfully started to make up for all the lost time, and it’s amazing having these new people in my life. they take such good care of me.

basically, AITP has become my life the last month and a half. partly so my resume will get stronger, but also because the group as a whole is a lot of fun to be with and i want to get to know everyone that’s going on the AITP las vegas trip in january. i don’t know if i mentioned that the last few times i blogged. yeah, definitely going to vegas for 5 days in january. the trip is only $400 because it’s through school–airfare, hotel, convention included. we’re going to the consumer electronics show. i pretty much hyperventilate every time i think about it.

i feel like i’ve written a novel and i haven’t covered half of what i want to say. seriously, SO much has changed and happened this semester that i can’t even believe how much i’ve grown as a person (not in height, believe me) and learned. hopefully the next few weeks and my interviews will allow for some incredible opportunities in the months to come.

i need breakfast and loki must pee. so until next time–WISH ME LUCK ON MY INTERVIEWS THIS WEEK!