so… today my philosophy paper is due. and I WROTE IT ALMOST A MONTH AGO! hell yeah for not procrastinating for the first time since 6th grade. yeah… i’m proud of myself. it’s a great way to not get stressed out on a great day.

this week it has been gorgeous here and almost 70 degrees everyday. everyone on campus has been going crazy. i went and walked dogs with dale the other day at the humane society and a whole bunch of us went hiking at hebron rock colony which was a lot of fun. yesterday jill and ryan and i fed the ducks at duck pond and ran around campus for a while. i went and met daniel for lunch and he and i went rock hopping and wandering around watauga river afterwards which was also a lot of fun. and today… after lunch and lab, daniel and i are going CAMPING!!! i’m psyched about this ’cause i haven’t been in ages. it’ll be sweet.

jill and i had a girls’ night at her place last night. i think i got a couple pictures. i’m not sure if they came out or not… i also got pictures from riding to dos amigos in the back of james’s truck yesterday and pictures of feeding the ducks. back to the girls’ night… we pigged out on miniature gummy bears and nachos and raisin bran, watched shrek2, and finally finished my magazine cover for my graphic communications class. good times, good times. rob brought us hardees for breakfast this morning. now that’s what i call a wake-up call.

too bad it’s supposed to snow saturday!! :angry: maybe ray will be wrong again. who knows!

today is going to be a good day. i can tell. let’s hope nothing screws this up. i’m on a roll.