October 2001

sunday, october 28 | girl | xoxo

yeah i'm sooo cool. i have my own store. lol... i don't care if i don't sell anything or not. i just think it looks cool.

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saturday, october 27 | girl | xoxo

oh yea...i forgot to mention getting my stitches out friday. my mom took me before school so i wouldn't miss too much at the beginning of the quarter. so like the lady calls me into the operating room. this is the same room i had the surgery in and yeah i didn't appreciate being in there again, but whatever. i sat down and she's like "what did we do last week?" ... i was like "you pulled a tooth and cut out the other one" or somethin like that. i can't member exactly what i said, but i was thinkin- this lady was one of the people actually DOING my surgery. kinda scary. and then she was like "oh, so you don't have stitches right?" and i'm like uhhh yeah that's the whole reason i'm here. otherwise i'd be at SCHOOL. and she's like "you don't have stitches. let me see" so i showed her and she's like "oh, well, those are stitches". no shit sherlock. do i look that stupid? and then she grabs these 2 metal thingys. i don't know what they were. i'm guessing they were the things you take stitches out with. they didn't look like scissors though so it was weird. and she starts jabbin at my mouth where i had the surgery... and it hurts... BADLY.. and i'm like tellin her this whole time to quit because she's hurtin me. it's not supposed to hurt THIS bad. i know that for sure. so she's like "well i've never done this before". i'm like OK LADY GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF MY MOUTH. i didn't say that but omg i was about to hurt her. she's supposed to be a dental assistant. not an oral surgeon. i was like ooookkk i wanna go home. so then the REAL dentist comes in and he's like all cranky so i just sat there. he takes the same 2 metal things and starts jabbin at my mouth. but at least i can tell he's actually taking the stitches out and NOT MY GUMS. man. so he gets 2 out, and then he's tryna get the 3rd one and it's stuck. so he's like trying to get it out and the more he's trying the more it's hurting.. REALLY BAD. then he made me bleed =( so i'm like lemme out of this chair right now. lol. i don't like you and i'm gonna freakin sue. i didn't really say that. i wish i had though. good lesson from this... don't EVER let them stick those things in your mouth when they didn't even know why you were at the dentists to begin with! they aren't as smart as we take them for... and the assistants are complete blondes. very hectic morning for me..

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today wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be. and it wasn't as cold as my dad said it was gonna be. it was like 48° without the windchill so idk what it was really. =x it was a tid bit nipply outside! haha anyway...i woke up at 7 and took a shower & all that fun stuff because i had to be at the clemmons town hall at 8:30.. it takes 30 minutes to get there from my dads. it woulda taken 5 from my moms. oh well! but we got there and samantha, julia, tonya, brandon, and some senior guys from school were there so i knew everyone that was with interact. they give us all these huge orange trashbags and these nifty lil orange vests that say "KEEP CLEMMONS CLEAN".. lol we were definitely pimpin in those things(yeah right). interact got assigned to idols rd and hampton rd. take note that these roads are very very very long. yeah considering we were WALKING, in the cold with the wind against us, it was a long walk. we were bending over every 2 feet picking up something. i learned that people down south don't understand the purpose of a trash can and there are WAY too many smokers! we found at least 30 beer bottles next to the road, plus a ran-over wood-chuck. it was sad. lol but brandon tried to save it with a stick; needless to say it didn't work. so we're walkin down idols and we find the intersection for hampton. you never realize the true luxury of cars until you've done this. people, hampton road is like way long. we walked a good 3 miles undoubtedly. this is clemmons... it's supposed to be small. i didn't even think they could fit a 3 mile road IN clemmons. ha yeah now i know and i'm glad it's over. it was actually pretty cool though. julia and brandon are so funny. they act like brother & sister... i walked way ahead of our group most of the time though. i wanted to get finished. i filled up a whole one of those huge orange bags. like 3 of me could fit in one- no joke... so i filled up one of those, plus a bucket i found. and i'm so proud because i did all this in like 4 inch heels. i've walked like 20 miles in those heels at least. in like 4 and 6 mile incriments. ain't i cool. no. but yeah it wasn't too bad. plus after that we got like these nifty little muffin things and they were really good. and we got pepsi. so we were all happy. and then my dad made me go to this huge company picnic for RJR. how fun! jeremy and julie were there though because jeremy's dad is like best friends with my dad. we've been friends w/their familiy forever. julie is one of my best friends and she goes out w/jeremy so that was cool that she was there. otherwise i woulda been goin psycho. haha we were such dorks. i got julie to paint a pumpkin with me and then we went on the moonwalk.. you know how LONG it's been since i've done that?? it was so freakin awesome... we had fun even though it was a lil bit too cold.. =)

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friday, october 26 | girl | xoxo

ah! it worked! :) now i have fonts and more mp3's and an mp3 player! this is awesome =D eh. i gotta wake up early tomorrow. man that sucks!!!

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i'm workin on the mp3 player on here... gimme a lil bit...

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thursday, october 25 | girl | xoxo

well, the tailgate party wasn't so bad. actually it wasn't really a party we just had some food, which i didn't eat, and chilled. literally. it got kinda cold tonight!! but yeah. oh well. i walked around with bryan before i went to find the rest of the group. bryan's such a sweetie. i love that boy! and then i hadda leave him and go find the rest of the interact group. i got a ride from brent and his friend down to the soccer fields and we walked around and looked for everyone else. grace, a girl in one of my gymnastics classes, was there. her big bro plays on the jv team and she was at the concession stand with her cousin sellin stuff. lol they were wild as all. and then i saw some people on the reynolds team that i knew which was purdy cool =) people from hanes.. i miss hanes even tho i really didn't have a whole lot of fun there!! =( ahhh.. too many memories are comin back today. oh and joey was there too for some weird reason. he was one of the guys that went to australia w/me this summer and he was such a sweetheart. i really miss him and i saw him i was like awww! so that was cool that i got to see him. and i saw adam comes. he use to call me some uh, not good names last year. but he said hey to me i was like wow thats weird. and then jason and dimitri were there and they're cool except dimitri gets pissy whenever he smokes! ugh that's so annoying. lol. he's got some issues but we won't discuss that. most of the game i chilled w/another brian and daniel and steven. they're cool. notice there aren't any girls in there? well, thats because the girls at west, or a lot of the girls at west that go to the games are stuck up, snobby, mean, airhead girls. excuse me for sayin that but i am so SICK of seeing all these girls at west that act like they're better than everyone. they aren't any "higher". they're just there. another person to fill another seat in another classroom. ugh it's so annoying. no one else likes them either. haha it's pretty funny actually. they don't realize how disliked they are, but hey it's their loss. today was a pretty good day though. i haven't had a ton of those lately. lol... hmm... oh well. i'm out. just gotta finish a lil bit of homework! later

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wednesday, october 24 | girl | xoxo

mmmm i love good report cards =) oh dude i'm gettin cable friday. i'm so happy. i'm freakin sick of dial-up and it's soooooooooooo slow.. thank the Lord. lol... and my stitches come out. they're so gross. i've never had stitches til now. my mouth has had cause too many problems... braces, headgear, surgery, and stitches. ok the headgear doesn't work with the stitches because it would hurt it.. the surgery doesn't work with the braces because they had a huge wire in front of what they were supposed to uh, operate? on so it didn't work out too well. YUCKY. i don't like all this BAD ATTENTION. this weekend my dad wants me to go to this company picnic. i think i'm gonna get someone to go with me. lol.. last time me and becky went, i got hit on by drunk middle-aged men which wasn't exactly the funnest situation to say the least. it was actually kinda scary =/ but i think i've got a way out of it- i've gotta do clemmons clean-up this saturday morning with the interact club at school so yeah idk what i'm gonna do =x

today was pretty cool actually. lol... sorta. i had to make a stuffed mole last night.. don't ask, please, lol.. but we had to make up a story on what planet it came from and bla bla bla so yeah that was interesting. but it's all good because we got free breakfast in 1st period chem ;) fun stuff. and then 3rd period, i had to present my nifty lil collage/poster thing about me. i had fun makin that thing at midnight! eh. lol. oh well.. yeah and then 5th period was fun. we got to write these 2 new pascal programs and they were actually really cool. and the dude next to me couldn't figure em out. so i gave jason and josh the code and they were like "OMG thank you SO much" lol ...they're weird. 6th period was boring because well, i'm supposed to be in hnrs spanish 3 but i didn't get my schedule switched early enough last year. so yes- i'm stuck in spanish 2. it SUCKS ... i'm not learning anything! and then 7th period was fun because i actually like algebra 2. yes- i'm weird.

i had to stay after school today to make up a test for computer science.. i walked in there and the 1 of the guys that use to talk about me before lunch, the ones that pissed me off, was in there.. yeah it was not cool. i was like well, how delightful... NOT...

i was like 20 minutes late for gymnastics practice.. it's all good though cuz i didn't miss much. we tumbled today and i did round-off, backhandspring, backhandspring, backhandspring and i've never done that totally by myself before. i've attempted it once with a spot. the most i've done is 2 backhandsprings and i freakin did it .. i don't know why.. it just sorta happened. i was like holy crap that was awesome. lol.. alright this is gettin too long. i'm out y'all ;)

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tuesday, october 23 | girl | xoxo

today now sucks. thank you brent.

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sunday, october 21 | girl | xoxo

dude ok last night was weird. it was anything but boring... no joke. ok ryan came over yesterday at like 6:30 or so. we made rotini casserole and cookies for dinner since my mom was at a hockey game. we made good food! lol for once! anyway~ yeah while that was cookin, we went in the backyard and i was doin flips and stuff. we were bored b/c the food was takin' forever. and then we ate.. and then we went upstairs, and watched a charlie brown movie.. lol.. it was awesome! we're so cool. yeah so then we got back online to see who was on... wellll.. her ex lance was on.. and he started yellin at her because she didn't call him. she never said she would.. she said she'd try... and she didn't want to call him when she was here because she was here to see me, not talk to him all night. yeah that's what she said. so he got all pissy.. and the whole thing turned into a huge ordeal and i ended up yelling at him because i'm sick of seeing my best friend being treated like crap every 2 days. actually, probably more than that. he's got serious anger management problems and it's really really annoying. i hope he reads this =D lol.. probably not. he got pissed and had ryan's friend heather call at like 12... my mom wasn't home yet, thank God. i did *69 and it was heather's phone.. she had hung up. then it rang like 2 more times, and i did *69 again, and it was lance's phone. we were yeah really annoyed by this time... i was so close to calling and lettin' him have it OOOH i was SO mad yesterday. i haven't gotten that mad in a long time.. and then it rang like 3 more times and once was at 1:30 in the mornin.. we were still awake, but my mom wasn't!!! so she got mad at me! how gay is that. so yeah i'm really mad at lance for calling and being such a jerk and having the audacity to even think of calling and hanging up like 6 times.. especially at 1:30 in the morning.. ugh. that boy- ooh he pisses me off. i took the phone off for about an hour. that worked for a while. and then i turned it back off and so he never called back. woohoo! not. yeah needless to say, we were both mad.

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saturday, october 20 | girl | xoxo

everyone must download the last .mp3 on the downloads list =)

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ok now i really want to go back to australia. i don't think anyone has taken me seriously when i say i want to go back. i don't want to go just because it's australia. i don't want to go to get away. i want to go because i truly had the most awesome experience that i'll probably ever have in my entire life... that place is truly the most beautiful country i've ever seen and i'd give ANYTHING to go back. it just was like the people there and the people i was with- the best time of my life. i'll never have that much fun again. i was reading reese's entrance page and it has the lyrics to a song called "Land Down Under" by Men at Work. that song is the song that our leader put on the tape that he made of our trip. i read that song 5 minutes ago and i started crying. i miss brent. i miss the friends i made that live in australia. i miss the land. i miss the people. i miss the air. i miss everything about it. i can't even begin to explain what i'm trying to say because my thoughts are too big for words. all i can say is that i honestly think i fell in love with someone when i was there, and that plus the fact that it's the most gorgeous place in the world make it probably the biggest impact ever on my life.

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friday, october 19 | girl | xoxo

man, tonight was so awesome =) i love the freshmen guys! they're so sweet. lol. ahhhh they're a huge boost of confidence for me, and i'm soooo soo happy they started talkin to me ;) i dont think they'll be on this page but i'm not sure! and then matt gave me a hug after the game for like no reason at all and started talking to me. i was like omg you're awesome. i thought he didn't like me. he's such a sweetheart. and all these freshmen girls were asking me where i got my sweater, i felt so loved tonight. lol.. i wish it were like that everyday and people were all nice. but i did hafta kinda help break up a fight ... yucky stuff.. =/

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yay! the survey is all done and everything is a-otay. i'm trying to think of ideas. does anyone else have any suggestions? hmm...=/ i would make adoptees but i don't have psp to make transparent ones. that bites. lol.

well, today sucked. i had a smooth morning... and i get to 3rd period, and we're going over stuff from yesterday that i missed. so of course, what happens? my tooth, well what's there actually, started bleeding right in the middle of class. i had to go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth out with water and it finally quit bleeding. i got back to class and took out my little compact thingy with powder and the mirror and yeah uh it was swollen like madd. i mean scary lookin. i told the teacher i was gonna go call my mom so i left when the bell rang and went to the office. i didn't have my address book in my bookbag. today of all days. so i didn't have the right work number for my mom. i called my moms cell, my moms old work #, my dads cell, and his office #.. when i called my moms old work # thank God her old boss was working today. i had her boss call my moms real # and tell her to pick me up. and now i'm sittin here, stuck at home once again. with a discombobulated mouth. =( oh well. i'll live. i'm not missin out on the varsity game tonight though!!!

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thursday, october 18 | girl | xoxo

omg i'm in love with linkin park.. seriously i like idolize these guys. they explain my life better than i could even BEGIN to explain it. it's so weird but i love their lyrics. it's probably not a good thing but i feel safer when i hear their songs. it's like someone can actually explain what's wrong with me half the time. finally. and crawling just came on at 7:50 and it's over dammit. oh well =( i'll turn my stereo on ;) ahhhh, i'd die to meet them.

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aww... christina from dirty-socks.net is so sweet =) i signed her guestbook and she signed mine like 5 minutes later. haha. that's so awesome. she's so pretty and talented!! lol i'm jealous evil grins haha j/k. go give her some hits though!

look what kat sent me! how sweet is that? she's awesome- lyl girl!

i'm working on a survey for this blog since there's really nothing to do, even if it is a journal and there isn't supposed to be anything to do. i guess i'll just put some cutesy sub pages with stuff that interests me... because i feel like it. and yeah thats what i'm gonna do. i've got some new pics up [1-2] and they're in the gallery also...

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dude... i do not like having MOUTH SURGERY!!!! =(

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wednesday, october 17 | girl | xoxo

omg. i was reading kat's latest post on her blog, and my God did she hit the nail on the head... kat trust me girl i've been there. all throughout my freshmen year in highschool did i experience that. i remember running to the bathroom in everyday, if not- then every other day, hopelessly looking for something sharp, for a way out of the endless harassment and agony, and the only way that came to mind was to cut.... to get rid of all the anger in me and have no cares at all. man, did my freshmen year suck... =( kat i love ya girl~

on a lighter note, today was pretty cool. school was, well, ok i guess. my mom picked me up for gymnastics after school. i froze waiting for her, because, well, basically i'm an idiot. lol.. a very cold one... i went to school this morning with one of those hooded sweatshirt jackets ya know? not realizing that my pants are huge on me.. i lost a few pounds actually and yeah they're way bigger... they're already 2 sizes too big =( oh well. they're cute so i still wear em. but see they don't have belt loops!!! so they started falling down when i was walking around at school. lol.. so i had to tie my jacket around my waist.. i was wearing a tank top... yeah.. i froze my ass off. it's all good though. i got a lot of hugs so that took part of the coldness out of it. ;D k well back to the gymnastics- katie came back! i was like YYYYAAAAYYY!!!!!!! =) katie's awesome. haha. yeah it was fun. we had our mats back and we got to act retarded again. woohoo! backhandsprings all the way! yeah that was corny but oh well. after gym i went shoppin'...we went to marshall's and i got 2 cute shirts- a tommy one and then a plain weird one. and then we went to elizabeth's pizza ... yummy ;) ... and then we went over to the mall.. i got 3 sweaters, and another shirt. fun stuff huh? they're all so cute!! and they fit PERFECT! ha! it's so awesome. we originally went shopping to get a bra but they didn't fit. =( oh well. so much for that idea. anyway, i get surgery tomorrow!!!! not cool!! on my mouth too yo! how much does that suck. i've never had surgery before so i'm like trippin' out. =/ i'm gonna get a lot of novocaine and some laughing gas... lol heck yeah.. oh i got my school pictures back! they SUCK!! ugh. no one ever likes school pictures it seems, and more and more i am reminded why i hate them as well. lol...hmph. i'll deal with a cheesy smile. at least i smiled this time. i don't look like i'm crying- but i look like a retard. haha. i knew that camera man was a freak.

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tuesday, october 16 | girl | xoxo

today was so freakin' awesome. except for the PSAT's. lol.. those were really boring. but it was actually pretty easy. i know i didn't get 1600 but i think i actually did really good. like way better than last year. if i got 1180 before i think i might've done hella better than that! ;) heck yeah. but anyway, i didn't do anything all day in any of my classes basically except 6th and 7th. the psat's took up through 4th period. it was like 7:40 - 11!! how awesome is that?! hmm. and then i got off the bus this afternoon and i came home and checked my e-mail and stuff, and then i get a call~ and it's joe and luke and justin and they're sittin outside my house on their bikes lookin in my window. lol. they're so kickass its not even funny. i love these guys so much =X and they're so sweet to me. i don't deserve it. but i got lotsa hugs =) that made my day so much better! but we chilled downstairs in my basement while they played some pool. and then they like were fascinated by the garage door sensor thingy, that makes it go back up whenever somethin moves in front of it. yeah very interesting, but whatever. we walked to the end of my street and talked to the people who got off the middle school bus. joe was sittin there huggin me aww and then we went back to my house(we went back and forth a lot). then they went up to justins. oh yeah kyle showed up in the middle of all this. kyle's so sweet. lol. those 4 went to justins. i went home and changed 'cause it was just a lil bit cold! then i walked back to justins. we were in the driveway and they were playin basketball and throwin the football. they're hilarious~ it's never boring with these people i swear. you'll never quit laughing. lol. and then luke's mom came and picked em up, and i had to say byebye, but it's all good because hmm i'll see em again ;) ahhhh i love my friends! i've got a ton of guy friends, and then a handfull of really really close girl friends. and then i've got a bunch of girls at school who i talk to at lunch and whenever i see em'. now i gotta figure out why i get depressed every 2 days and i'll be straight. ugh!

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monday, october 15 | girl | xoxo

sorry for not posting. i've been busy. i went to the mall saturday after i finally got woken up. i went with collin, matt, & alex. these guys are the sweetest. i love being with them ;) but we chilled there for a couple hours. we got dippin' dots. those things are off the hook, i love em'. but the guys only went because this chick was workin there who they think is hott. i think she's ugly, and i know she's a slut because she goes to my school. oh well. anyway, yeah we walked around and i saw lots of people i knew~ i felt special ;) but my dad and christine picked me up, and took me back to their house. i went to ry~ry's house that night too. we went to the movies at about 7. we saw a few people we knew so we talked to them for a lil while, and then we went inside at 7:15 to see the others. that movie was freakin' awesome. i know a lot of people didn't like it. but i love scary movies. those are the only kinds of movies i actually watch without getting bored. unless its like a really really really funny movie, or a really really really sad one. thats about it. but yeah i liked this movie. other people seemed to hate it! oh well. =/ yeah ryan screamed in the middle of the movie. lol it was funny though, she was like "OH MY GOD" when this lady opened the cabinet door that the little kids were hiding in, and all these people started laughing at her for screaming. lol aw poor ry~ry. anyway, yeah she smashed my head against hers not to mention when she screamed. that uh hurt! but the movie was good overall. and we crushed our nachos =X ha. yeah and see i spent the nite and we went through the whole dilemma between her and her boyfriend, err ex boyfriend. but they're gonna hook back up. so she was crying, he was upset, and then he ended up calling at 1 AM to say i love you. aww how sweet, but she woke me up b/c she sat on my freakin foot! lol. ugh. yeah we went to bed at like 1:30.. woke up sometime before 10. and then we got dressed n stuff, had a huge breakfast...then her mom drove us to my dads house again. we chilled there til 4:20. we watched frequency that was the 2nd time i'd seen that movie. i love that movie ;) it's so sweet. but yeah we watched that and listened to music and just acted retarded. then my mom picked us up. we went to my house, and then ryry tried on all these shirts i was gonna get rid of. she loves my clothes. ha. weird peoples.

well, today was interesting. i woke up and got ready for school. i didn't know what to wear, and i don't think i matched all that well =/ that sucks. but yeah anyways, i had a pretty good day at school. i talked to the freshmen dudes again. they're all awesome ;) i love em to death! and i got to see all my buddies i didn't see this weekend. i got 100 on my essay i wrote for honors seminar 2~ fun stuff!! not. but i was so happy! because other people didn't do good. i was so happy- i never get 100's on big stuff like that~ esp. in seminar! that made my morning. comp. sci. was awesome because my programs were exactly like the teacher wanted them. spanish was boring. as usual. it's so easy. and then math was fun because we're learning "more advanced ways to factor".. it's so freakin easy, but theres like 3 more ways that you don't do in algebra 1 and geometry so it was kinda cool. yeah i'm a d0rk =/ this afternoon was err, not so great. i get home. everythings fine. justin comes over, and we're sittin on the front porch chillin. my mom comes out and i tell her to go back inside. justin n i are actually having a serious convo and she's gonna bust into it. so then she gets pissed and decides, she won't drive me to gymnastics practice. well, i'm not too upset about that, but i did wanna go today. instead, i go upstairs w/justin and check my e-mail real quick. justin has to leave to go find his bookbag. my mom yells at me once again, and we get in a bitching contest. i hate those. they're so annoying. yeah so i left the house. i went to find justin, joe, and luke. i found them they were ridin towards my house on their bikes anyways. it's about 4:15 right when i catch up with them. we all walked to the construction site where theres huge dirt piles and hills n stuff. they rode their bikes and messed around on those big bull-dozer things. lol. we got really dirty with that mud and crap. oh well. we didn't care we were having fun. so we're all runnin around. i've got boots and a semi-nice shirt on. i didn't do a lot of playin in the dirt. but i ran around and acted retarded a fair share of the time. we got bored after like 2 hours. i love these guys. they're the sweetest freakin guys in the world. and yeah i still really like joe. but hmm. anyway! =D theres this huge tree house. it's like 30 or 40 feet in the air. but it can't hold a lot. justin and joe are already up there.. i'm short so i'm trying to get up there. WITH boots on. that takes skill people! for real! ;) so i get a little over halfway up when joe decides he wants to come down! grr.. so we all come down. but i took justin's bike. =D and i'm ridin around and i left him. haha i'm so mean. not really. i gave it back =X hmm yeah we walked the long way home. joe kept huggin me~ aww, i love this guy. but we went to justins. i had to go home for dinner, which i was largely not looking forward to! i left, got a buncha hugs. walked to my house, almost got in a fight with this freshmen dickhead for saying things that i don't want to... UGH i hate that boy. i really don't even know him, but i still hate his guts. he's so annoying yeah anyway, i got home. ate dinner. and thats about it. hahahahaha plug of the WEEK!!! click here. it's freakin awesome. =) later

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friday, october 12 | girl | xoxo


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woo! i put up downloads.. they are over there <<<

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ahhh... i was talkin' to greg from blahstuff.net =) he's such a sweetheart. we've come to the conclusion that we think eachother are hott, and that i need to go NY to see him. lol...

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hah well last night was, err, interesting. katie came over yesterday afternoon and we chilled over here for a lil' while. we worked on sites and talked and downloaded a ton of songs, and listened to LINKIN PARK =) for some reason, chester bennington's voice puts me in a better mood. i don't know what it is; it only works with him and darren hayes! weird, huh? anyway, we got bored in the house, so we went on a walk... but yeah i don't know the way around my dad's neighborhood, so i uh took a shortcut and went thru some people's yards. we climbed over the fence to my dads house. i took the key and tried to open the backdoor, got it stuck. finally unstucked it. and then we had to go in the front door. that was scary, lol we thought we were locked out.. but we weren't! =) yeah and i realized i'd left my make-up in my dads car because i'm retarded. so when he got home he brought mcdonalds and my purse up from the car. i went and fixed my face =D and then my dad dropped katie and i off at wal-mart.. we were originally gonna go get some cool make-up, but we got stuck in the CD aisle. number 1 because the guy who was workin was hott, lol and then we found some really good cd's ;) this is so weird tho, stacey, another 1 of my online buddies, lives 15 minutes from me, and she goes to north and i know like a buncha people from there. my friends have even seen her.. lol and i still haven't met her. she was at the same freakin wal mart last nite, like within an hour that katie & i were there. i was like omg. thats not fair. i hafta meet her she's so sweet. but yeah she saw the guy in the CD place too and she said he was weird... he was weird! like me or katie would go to a different aisle and then he'd move, we'd move, he moved again... freaky stuff. we ended up getting 4 cds: tool, drowning pool, POD, and nickelback =) good stuff. we listened to that allll night. we chowed down on crap food and drank wayyyy too much pepsi. we talked til like 4:30 or 5 in the morning. talk about caffeine rush! i woke up somehow at 10 AM and got katie up. i beat her with a pillow. lol.. yeah but anyway, i'm still not tired. it's so freaky! but she left today at like 1130, maybe? or 12. i dont know what time exactly. that was our "exciting" day. lol

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thursday, october 11 | girl | xoxo

mannnn. today is gonna be well, idk. my dad and stepmom are at work, and my dad will be in a meeting all day. so if i ever get my lazy @$$ ready for the day, then i don't know if i'll be able to do anything. unless i call my stepmom and she says its str8. but the only thing i could do basically would go to matts soccer game with collin and i think alex. theres no way my dad or stepmom would lemme ride with matt. lol he just got his license so yeah. but anyway, idk. i'll probably end up doin something with either katie or ry~ry. 2 of the most awesome chickas in the world! actually, i wanna go to the movies... idk what's playing though so i'll go look it up later. i don't feel like it right now =/ i've been listenin to mxpx and linkin park all morning. i'm freaking in love with my december. i had it downloaded a few months ago and never liked it =X and then i listened to it again the other day and ahhhh it's awesome ;) i'm so weird. but yeah we'll all live. well, for the record i think i failed my Siddhartha test. bleh. that book was the worstest most boringest book i've ever read. lol. and the test was retarded. even people that liked the book didn't do good. but i didn't really try. i'm just gonna do really good next quarter! yeah we get today and tomorrow off from school since it's the end of the quarter. YEA BABY! eh, sorry. but i'm so sick of school. i like some of my classes. but a lot of people at school are startin to piss me off like theres one group of senior guys who makes a wholehearted effort to bug the crap out of me. ugh. all they do when i walk by is stare at me and then turn and say somethin to eachother, and then turn back around, stare back.. and start talkin bout my boobs. how gay is that? i'm gonna get the rest of the seniors, who by the way are my friends, unlike them!! =D they're gonna get it because next time they say somethin to my face again i'm gonna haul off and slap em. you just watch.

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