no, i'm not dead

i’ve been staying at the highlands all weekend because i’ve been sick as heck since friday night. a bunch of us went to winkler’s creek and i actually got IN the creek and came back that evening with a sore throat and a stuffy head. saturday i was just stupid and took way too many tylenol (and different kinds) and it made me feel drunk and it was really kind of scary. so i was completely out of it last night… to top it all off, i was throwing up from 2 AM this morning until 12:30 this afternoon. daniel has been taking care of me and dragged me to the infermery because i was such a mess. the doctor there didn’t seem like he knew much of anything because he just kind of said alright well i’ll give you a shitload of pills for all your different symptoms. he didn’t tell me what i had… so much for that. the pills are working, i just have to remember when to take all of them. kind of annoying. they are helping me feel better but i still have a sore throat, a headache, my fever went down (used to be 102.2) i think.. i’m not sure if that’s because i took a shower or not though. yuck. not my weekend. it’s been fun though hanging out with everyone. i’ll upload pictures, the few that i got, later on. i’m going to bed. goodnight!