nasty day

man… it’s rainy and icky outside. thank you, mom, for sending me wonderful pink and green polka dotted rainboots for days like this! they come in handy. i don’t feel like walking to class but… oh well. it won’t be so bad. i have a meeting after class and then somehow i’m supposed to get with my group for this powerpoint presentation we’re supposed to be making but uh… i don’t know what the heck is going on and i don’t know where my group is or how we’re going to possibly get together to finish it. i got a few of the slides done yesterday at work since we weren’t busy so at least there’s a little progress. gah. :satisfied:

daniel, jessica, paul, jessica’s friend, & i went to see ladder 49 last night and daaang it is a good movie. i won’t give away details or the ending or anything for those of you who haven’t seen it. but… go see it. the soundtrack is awesome, too.

oh, and pictures are up from yesterday and from fall break… there are a crapload of them up there. :crazy: i have a bad habit of going nuts with the camera.

if anyone is in the area or will be in the area around…. ohh, say november 12th… GO SEE BLACK EYED PEAS!!! it will be an awesome show. so you should buy tickets… :smile: