March 2004

this guy is a smart cookie 03.31.04 | 10:48 PM | posted by whit
i got another e-mail from john with this article in it. he always manages to find the best articles online. this one i found particularly helpful, though, especially since i’m about to graduate and all this crap has been on my mind 24/7. it’s a good read.

i need to breathe 03.31.04 | 8:07 PM | posted by whit
dude, i need another weekend of doing nothing, but this weekend is definitely not gonna be that weekend. friday is the day early and kennedy and jarrod are moving into their new house and the guys’ margarita night is coming up soon. i might have been volunteered by early to be the DD for this event. yay for non-drinkers! since my muffler has holes in it apparently, i have to get that fixed saturday morning before i head over to my dad’s. he and i are changing the oil in my car and rotating my tires so we don’t have to go to the car place and get charged for it like last time. that will be… fun. maybe. as for sunday, i don’t know what’s going on, but i have a feeling i’m gonna get slapped in the face with a ton of homework. i don’t know why, but i can feel it coming.

i waited at the car place for an hour today while my car got inspected. it was more like an hour and 15 minutes, but hey, that’s okay. i love spending my afternoon sitting in a freezing cold waiting room with lots of old people around me hacking up lungs and talking about the rain. there are some weird people in this city. i’m glad i had an appointment because the line was ridiculously long and all i had to do was sit and wait patiently for them to work on my car which they took right away. i almost fell asleep so i busted out the cell phone bowling and it held me over until the car was ready. the guy tells me i owe him $23 and i need a new muffler, sooo he hands me all these papers back and i get to come back to that lovely room bright and early saturday morning. i know you are all jealous.

i went and saw the guys’ new house after the inspection and it is awesome. it’s cooler than the house they’re in right now, and they have a wicked awesome closet that’s like a mini-room and i put dibs on it already. if we party at their place anytime soon, no drunks can pass out in that closet. that will be my sleeping place and only my sleeping place. i’ll raise hell if anyone above 5′ puts so much as a toe in there. unless it’s early or kennedy or jarrod because, well, they live there.

me and thomas and early went and ate dinner at la carretta because i was about to starve and i had a really bad craving. my beans and rice tasted really weird this time and it kind of makes me not want to go to la carretta anymore. that stuff isn’t supposed to taste sweet or like grape juice. ugh. i ate it anyway. i was hungry. some blondes sitting behind us spilled a 46 oz margarita and shattered the glass and they let their little kid walk around and dance in the spilled margarita. not the brightest people i’ve come across. we went to the game store nextdoor after dinner and looked for trigun stuff and i was playing with toys and talking to my buddy travis. i didn’t even know the guy worked there. i love seeing random people everywhere i go.

i’m gonna start homework soon. i left my crap out in my car and i don’t feel like getting it but i have to do chemistry because we have another test tomorrow. it’ll be the 4th test/quiz in 2 weeks. what is this woman thinking? my life shouldn’t revolve around your stupid textbook. goodnight.

holy jesus 03.30.04 | 7:02 PM | posted by whit
my brain is on the verge of exploding into tiny pieces all over. i think everyone and their mother has needed me to help them with something today and it’s making my head hurt so very badly. i don’t have all your answers, i promise. if you have a random question that is in any way computer-related, please do not ask me, for the sake of your life, and my sanity. i have no patience, take my word for it. frustration, stress, and weariness are taking over my body and soon i fear that i won’t be able to leave my room without bursting. like i told brantley, i just want to go to some random place by myself and scream at the top of my lungs until nothing more comes out.

on a lighter note, i’ve been listening to mindless self indulgence all afternoon and it is making me feel better. it brings back summer memories of living in scott’s basement with the rest of the guys and having close to no responsibility. man, we had fun. i know they all agree on that one.

what i’d love right now is a one-way ticket to south korea. that would rock. <3 my mouth still has the taste of sulfuric acid fumes from this morning's chemistry lab. can't wait to do it again tomorrow! i'll remember to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with me to class, or at least some gum. yuck. i guess i'm gonna go do homework now while it's still early. there can't be anything more disappointing than turning around and finding a massive pile of unfinished crap sitting on your bed that sits and stares at you, keeping you from crawling underneath the covers. those are the nights when i wish i owned a lighter. i'm off to mathmagicland, as mrs. hudgins would call it. shit 03.27.04 | 11:10 AM | posted by whit it's been a rough week, and i'll leave it at that. shane, i'm sorry. anyone else who reads this every day, sorry for not posting. i think i need to sit this weekend out at home. i need to catch up on sleep, and i need to get myself back to normal. i've been up and down and all over the place lately and i just need to relax and get a grip. [edit] i was reading snoogins and as funny as dan's post was, this picture made me laugh even harder. there's something seriously wrong with that. [/edit] what a slap in the face 03.22.04 | 6:44 PM | posted by whit ok, everyone knows mondays suck, right? i think this one was the mother of all of the mondays i've ever had. it's the monday after spring break. who wants to get up and get their butt to school? i didn't, but i was doing alright for the most part. we got a killer load of crap to do in chemistry this week, and she's got all these new plans and quiz schedules and problem sets so we'll basically have no life for the rest of the year. her goal is to make us miserable, and her evil cackle after announcing her hellish plans to the class was nothing less than convincing to all of us that she wants us to never leave home without a chemistry book. we have better things to do, like work for our other classes, for instance. we had a meeting with the principal during english so our paper is postponed until tomorrow. that pissed me off because i worked hard on it, and i had it ready to go. then i realized i had forgotten to print the works cited page this morning, and my ass was saved. :D so now i just get to turn it in tomorrow. everything has its own reason, i suppose. i got lucky. we had an assignment sheet due in calculus which i had totally forgotten about over the break. then i came to the realization DURING calculus that i had not even received the handout, so i stayed after and finished it. go me. my hand was killing me afterwards. some of us spent an hour and a half after school finishing that junk. now i'm at home and i get to continue having a fun-filled evening while doing more homework. and we have a chemistry test tomorrow. somebody shoot me in the leg. please? maybe i won't have to go. you people have too much time 03.20.04 | 11:50 PM | posted by whit alright, so i'm going through my referrals list, and it appears that i'm getting massive amounts of hits from i didn't register myself on here, and someone registered it with MY website, MY cam pictures, and THEIR e-mail address, and they've got it listed as ""; this isn't me. no, no, no... not me. i'm sure whoever put this up is having fun. not all the pictures archived are mine, because they seem to be putting up fairly disgusting pictures that are not of me, nor do i want to see them. whoever you are--get a life. i don't see the purpose behind what you're doing. i just got in from the movies with some friends, and it was a good time. we saw secret window, the crazy movie with johnny depp. good stuff. i really liked it, but it's one of those movies where it's not as good if you see it more than once. still a really awesome movie though. :) i'm gonna go work on that english paper and then i guess i'll be going to bed. night. oh crap, whit's back! 03.19.04 | 5:41 PM | posted by whit i'm back! i'm not that tan, 'cause it rained half the week, and we spent a lot of time going places instead of laying by the pool, but i did change color! YES! i'm on my way to brown. the trip was awesome. my mom can't think and drive at the same time so i got to be navigator. we've been to this place who knows how many times, and she's always been the driver, but she still has no clue what she's doing. we made it there and back alive. there are lots of pictures, and i have to find the USB cord for my camera which is somewhere in my duffel bag. i haven't unpacked, so when i finally get through the tons of crap in that bag, i'll upload the pictures. i'm not used to this 67° weather anymore. it was 83° just about every afternoon there and it was nice. :) while i was gone, my grandma made me a sweet backpack, grainger sent 2 more letters, and shane got out of his crappy emo mood. thank god. maybe i don't have to beat the crap out of him now. <3 now all i have to worry about is him getting completely broken now that he's started skateboarding again. please don't pull a grainger and get smashed in the balls. if you do that, do it while you're at home so i can get it on video this time. i'm gonna go attempt to unpack, shower, and find something exciting to do :D i may wind up in king later on tonight! i have to meet up with big al sometime before he goes back to texas too. i gotta get ready! FAKER ALERT! 03.13.04 | 8:42 AM | posted by whit man, don't ya just love these? john found another faker for me. stolen whitney pictures! he's awesome. this person, however, is not. you are an idiot. i'm leaving for florida this morning! i'm off to shower and pack my stuff. i'll be back on friday :) holy crap 03.11.04 | 8:06 PM | posted by whit i'm so excited. today is thursday. tomorrow is friday. saturday morning i'm leaving for orlando and I CAN'T WAIT! i miss florida. it will be much fun. i'm going to make my mom go insane while i make her listen to my music half the way there. my CD player busted, randomly, and i'm not sure how, and it worked 2 hours before i found out it was busted. i'm gonna be rockin' out and she's gonna be puking out the window. YES! i just ate a whole ton of chili and it was so good. ever since my mom and i went with robert to tennessee a few years back, she's used the recipe she got from some lady there, and wow, it's the best. it even has macaroni in it. =O so today was my haircut. it's awesome. i <3 it, and i can't wait to see if it looks good tomorrow like it does now. it probably won't because i'm not a hairdresser, and it's obvious that there is a reason for that. anyway, look! i'm going to go watch everybody loves raymond and then i desperately need to clean my room. it's making me paranoid. three more days 03.09.04 | 6:43 PM | posted by whit today went by pretty quickly. i didn't have anything to do in any of my classes basically. good stuff. i love days like that! i never have to worry about anything. my lab partner in cisco completely wiped out my config file when he started screwing around with a telnet session on my router. so i didn't get to finish the lab. i was frustrated, but i felt much better after giving him a wicked tittie twister. sweet, sweet revenge-- it's a good feeling sometimes. well, for me at least. :D my english teacher liked my thesis. i was glad that she didn't totally destroy it in front of the class. she actually said it was good, so i was happy. i pulled it out of nowhere because my other thesis apparently sucked, and i was running out of time to think of a good one. now i have a 5 page outline to go from to write my paper. i'm gonna try and get it done this week BEFORE i go to orlando so i don't have to do it the last weekend of spring break. boy, would that suck. we had a sub in calculus today, so the guys spent the vast majority of the class period drawing brackets for basketball on the board and i guess the class is now divided into UNC, wake, and NCSU fans. i think i'm the only one in there who doesn't really give a crap. go me :) blake and i went to mi pueblo after school today. i hadn't seen him since december (?) i think, at the very merry christmas LAN at jay's. it had been a while, and we had fun. blake's my buddy. i miss him, and the rest of the guys. you know who you all are. i love ya <3 i mean, how could i not, you took me to my first LAN... sheesh. i got 2 letters in the mail from grainger finally. it's great hearing from him. he told me that he learned to kill things with bayonets the other day... which for him i'm sure is thrilling. this is the kid who called me JUST to tell me that he totally demolished a possum while driving. he's nuts. i miss the guy. shane told me this afternoon that instead of riding in bradley's, he's now assigned to driving them. i'm not sure if that should be scary or not. to me it seems like it would be safer, but heck, what do i know? he wasn't too happy about it, but maybe it'll grow on him. he sent me a wicked cool video of javelin anti-armour missiles. i told him to send me one home in a box, but for some reason he said that wouldn't be a good idea. sucks. i'm gonna go find something to do. i don't have any homework tonight, other than a little studying. eww. spring break, hurry up 03.07.04 | 11:21 PM | posted by whit a week from now, i will be laying in the sun in orlando finally getting a tan again. :D thank goodness. i wish i could be there 03.07.04 | 4:29 PM | posted by whit shane sent me pictures of this weekend from when he and his buddies went to seoul and lotte world and i wish more than ever that i could be there in korea :( i miss him and after seeing those pictures it hit me even worse. i wish i could just drop everything and leave. this weekend was fun. i headed up to king on friday and hung out with drew and thomas at the dairi-o. i played a game of DDR with drew, and i hadn't played that in months, and i still suck. exciting. i got mint chocolate chip ice cream and watched drew and thomas play for a while, and then we left and went to eller's house. nick showed up and they all played goldeneye and i layed around and took pictures (i don't like goldeneye ;x ). i left with drew around 9 and he took me back to get my car. i came home and sat around for a while, and i just ended up going to sleep early. i woke up at 10 yesterday to get ready to go to sciworks with dan. i went and picked him up in the middle of nowhere as always, and we found sciworks. i hadn't been since i was little so i didn't know how to get there, but we got lucky 'cause there were signs all over. we had lots of fun... it wasn't as big as i remembered, but that's always how it is when you're a little kid. we went to the planetarium, and then i beat him in basketball and air hockey. go me :D we looked at fish and stuffed dead animals and hermit crabs. i found a giant gutted kid in the "health works" or whatever, and i got to hold his kidney. yeah. it was weird. i don't remember that part from when i was little. we got to make a movie and we got to make cool pictures. we had fun, and went and ate at some italian joint back near his house. i didn't even know that place existed, but they have good pizza. it was like a large pizza for $5.50. it was crazy. we ate and i took him home. on the way back i stopped by john's house. i hadn't seen him since october i think. it had been a long while. i miss hanging out with him. i need to make a trip to state in a few weeks. there are lots of people that i haven't seen in a long time. we sat and talked for a LONG time about pretty much everything. he got a guitar for christmas so he was playing OAR and some other stuff. i need to learn how to play something. it was good seeing him again. i went to the mall to use the ATM (don't ask) and walked around there for a little while. i saw some people i didn't really want to see but that's ok. i left and drove to ziggy's. i got there at 7:30 and there was already a huge line. thomas, michael, and kandi were already there. nikki and seawelly were driving behind me and then kicked my car and scared the hell out of me when i got there. we stood in line behind some morons for a while and finally we got in. thomas was sitting with the [minus.driver] guys so i met a couple of them, which was cool. they're nice guys. i went inside to get a place to stand down in the bottom in front. ian finally showed up, too. i hadn't seen him in a while. dan ended up going last night after he told me he wasn't going to go, but he showed up with 3 of his friends and i talked to them for a little while. austin came back after he locked his keys in his car :D and he was hangin' out with me in the pit most of the night. far-less played and they were better than what i remembered, and so was stuckshot. i had never seen [minus.driver] before and they kicked ass. i've listened to them a lot but i didn't expect the show they put on. it was great. swift played last and i never thought i'd get out of the pit alive. i made the mistake of not changing before i went and i wore flip flops, and i'm surprised i didn't lose them. the tops of my feet are all cut up though. there was a guy in there about 10x the size of me and i came up to his stomach. he tried to pick me up to get me crowd surfin', and i yelled at him and said not to, but the whole rest of the night i was paranoid he was just going to take me and chuck me into the crowd. he was always right behind me... kinda freaky. it was a fun night. i was in a strange mood when i left. i'm not sure if it was because i was with so many people that i miss hanging out with all the time or if it was because it was 1:30 in the morning and there was an idiot in the car parked next to me. i drove home, crashed, and i didn't wake up until 2 PM. now i get to work on this horrible sons and lovers outline. i hate school. maybe i'll miraculously get sick tomorrow. i'm off to finish homework and talk to shane. <3 mmm mi pueblo 03.04.04 | 4:45 PM | posted by whit since my mi pueblo buddy (grainger) has gone off to the marines, i have been deprived of the deliciousness that is mexican food. my mom is now taking me to dinner to mi pueblo, and all is well. :D i am happy. i dread next week, but it's almost time for orlando! i'm so excited. i hope i turn brown when i'm in florida. i'm gonna go get ready to go out to eat. toodles. ;) what a loser 03.02.04 | 10:40 PM | posted by whit some people are just dense. that's all there is to it. random person: have u ever heard of my website? me: funny random person: I wasn't being funny me: ok whatever random person: Just asking random person: Well have u? random person: No need to get annoyed or whatever, just asking so could u answer or are u too good for that tim: I knew u werent really the girl on the site tim: I KNEW IT i guess i've just been a huge lie for the past 3 years. ha. i needed a good laugh. goodnight! ;) holy crap 03.02.04 | 7:11 PM | posted by whit saturday is going to be oh-so-cool 'cause i get to go sciworks. i haven't hung out with dan in months and we decided we wanted to do something cool... so we are going to sciworks!!! it's going to be so much fun! i haven't been to that place since i was in elementary school. i'm excited. and then the swift/minus show is that night, and it's going to be so great. i haven't seen swift in a long time either, so i'm looking forward to it. they always have fun pits... let's hope i don't get punched in the eye :D i'm gonna go do chemistry because, let's face it, that class has sucked the life out of me and it will continue to own me until i graduate. for the love of god... i want one night without chemistry homework. just one. is that so much to ask? oh yeah, i have to take notes for english. it's sad when the rest of my homework feels like leisure time to me when i finally finish stupid problem sets on acid/base titrations and buffer solutions. i can't wait 'til this weekend. shane might even be back to the barracks so i can talk to him again! that makes me happy. having something to look forward to makes the weekends come faster, it seems. i'm gonna go finish eating my mint chocolate chip milkshake. i have the milkshake song stuck in my head still. *does milkshake dance* god, i'm cool. that video makes me want to scream with frustration. i'm off to do chemistry. joy. so much to get done 03.01.04 | 6:23 PM | posted by whit i have so much to do and i don't know where to start. the sad thing is, it's all for chemistry. that's sad. i really dislike this class. if it gets me out of taking freshman chemistry next year, only then will i be happy. until that time comes, i despise it. this should be a thrilling, fun-filled night of homework. today wasn't anything special. i ended up staying after 'til about 4 for calculus to work on the assignment sheet like always. i always have it done before it's due, but then i go back and realize i did lots of it wrong and i end up doing 50% of it over again. it's quite irritating. shane left for the field again last night (this afternoon in korea i guess) and i hope he stays a bit warmer this time. he got hypothermia and had to go back to the barracks early a few days ago, and it scared the holy hell out of me 'cause that ain't something to take lightly. what a freak. my mom is making taco casserole tonight... mmm. i'm gonna go hit the books and hopefully kill some time so i don't feel like i'm waiting so long. and i think i'm gonna read more of the fountainhead. i love this book. ayn rand is the only author i've found that i can read and enjoy it at the same time. this is a foreign experience to me! later.

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