lots of new friends & classes

so here’s the run down… since i’ve been slacking. my classes are boring, early, but easy. i get a lot of hours in at work and work has been really fun, not that it isn’t always fun, but it’s been a lot more lively this semester so far.

a guy in adam’s company got hurt and i was doing alright before but i’ve been freaked out since i got the email from the FRG. i’m glad adam is okay but now i know they’ve not been as “bored” as the FRG says they’ve been. if they were just sitting around, they wouldn’t be getting hurt. my mind has been going nuts wondering about what exactly happened because they won’t tell us for the family’s sake and i haven’t talked to adam since last sunday. i just want to hear his voice and hear him tell me that he’s okay. and i want him home.

i’ve been hanging out with a lot of PAPP.com people, that sounds nerdy but they’re a fun bunch and they’re always up for having a good time and hanging out. thursday night, micah, drew, lisa, and ashlin came over. we had a few beers and micah cooked us up some burgers. we hung out with the neighbors finally and had a good time being goofy… making fun of micah, yep.

i went out friday night to a buddy of mine’s (from living in bowie freshman year) apartment down the hill and we ended up leaving and going to another party which was so much fun. it was a ton of kids from freshman year bowie that i unfortunately missed out on hanging out with most of the year since i was “preoccupied” with someone else most of the time. it was great seeing all them again and it was a pretty fun party. lots of foosball and beer pong action, kegstands all around, a lot of freshmen but they were entertaining to say the least. it was just nice to be around those kids again finally.

yesterday i spent the afternoon at the pool. i don’t know why i hadn’t gone down there before now but it’s a blast. it’s usually the same crowd and they’re all fun people. the kids that gave me a ride to campus friday were there and gave me a beer and we all hung out. i took seth and hunter fishing yesterday afternoon after left the pool and loki tagged along. she had fun and seth caught our food that would be dinner later that night. i almost fell in the river a few times but that’s because loki decided to drag me the entire way. i took a ton of pictures so they’ll be up soon. after fishin, we cleaned up and went to seth and ted’s apartment. we waited for 2 hours for the beeper to pick us up to take us to the frat party in the middle of nowhere so in the meantime we had “fighting cock” bourban whiskey which was pretty gross… i’ll stick with wild turkey. anyway, beeper finally picked us up. we went to the party and there were a crapton of people there, and a slip n slide, and lots of unbelievably drunk people there. i was so glad that i wasn’t in the shape they were in. i’m not sure if this is something to be proud of but apparently everyone else thought so… i beat everyone in kegstands. i held it for 30 seconds, 3rd kegstand in my life thank god, and luckily i hadn’t drank a lot so it didn’t hit me that bad and i was fully functional the entire night. there was one girl puking on herself and she really should’ve gone to the hospital. that’s when it gets scary. at the end of the night, i think i had the equivalent of 3-4 beers. which is just peachy. the entire night, everyone kept saying “hey you’re that kegstand girl!” and as charming as that was, i felt like an alchy and we left shortly thereafter. we went home and shake n’ baked our fish and chicken, made scalloped potatoes, green beans, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookies… all at 4am. it was a damn feast.

today i went to the pool again with seth and hunter and some kid cooper that i met yesterday. it wasn’t as lively as it was yesterday but it was relaxing and they had hangovers to get rid of. loki went with us and spent the entire time chasing bugs and being a dork. she’s been really good lately, and hasn’t been a turd, and hasn’t gone to the bathroom in the house except when micah literally scared the piss out of her, and she’s only chewed up the toilet paper twice. she’s improving. :biggrin: we hung out at seth’s for a while, i took hunter to catch his bus to yadkinville, did some grocery shopping, and now i’m home.

i’m making chicken croissants the way jill taught me and hopefully they’ll turn out really good. i’m starving and i have been craving this so maybe i won’t mess it up.

mary ruth put a TON of paintings/drawings up around this place and it looks like a museum in here. it’s really nice and she did some of them. i will hate the day we move out of here because it’s going to suck getting everything back out. especially since a lot of it is screwed into the walls and we have an entire house’s worth of furniture.

back to making dinner. i’ll post pictures up asap.