July 2004

home from boone 07.30.04 | 6:26 PM | posted by whit
oooopsie. something happened to the computer after i left for appalachian this week and i had no away message for a good 5 days. sorry to all the people who thought i was ignoring them. i had messages from about 100 some people trying to get ahold of me and now 100 some people either think i’m stupid or a bitch. :D joy. anyway, too late now.

i just got home about an hour ago. i was in the car for what seemed like forever today…yuck. i want to shower.

orientation sucked, but i only spent about 6 hours actually doing orientation crap. i went to the 2 meetings with the academic advisor and ate lunch with our group once, and got my ID made, but that’s about it. i wandered around boone for about an hour thursday afternoon and then left with some friends for the rest of the night. i got back to the dorm and boyyy did it suck. i noticed, none of the girls in the our building even spoke or made eye contact with eachother unless they were roommates or already knew eachother. the guys, on the other hand, ALL crammed in the downstairs lobby of their building and played cards for hours. i could see them across the sidewalk from my room wishing i could socialize with people who were actually social. my roommate barely spoke and she never did say her name… she just talked about her boyfriend. i finally fell asleep last night. i have a bad habit of drinking soda close to nighttime… and then i wonder why i can’t fall asleep easily. wednesday night i slept for about 45 minutes, maybe, and then left for orientation early that morning… and was out all day thursday, and i still wasn’t sleepy. ohh well.

the past week in general was a blast. i got to hang out with a ton of friends and a ton of new friends which was great… i won’t feel awkward when i finally do move in and i will already know my way around. and now i know where to find a potato cannon when i need one. a good portion of last night was spent with some friends on top of a mountain shooting potatoes dunked in glowstick goo off the side of the mountain and through the woods.

i have lots of pictures from this past week but i don’t have time to put them up right now. i have to shower and hopefully i’ll be meeting up with grainger soon. :D


still in boone 07.28.04 | 6:21 PM | posted by whit
i got to boone friday night a little after 8 and i’ve been hanging out around town since then. siner and dustan and ryan were nice enough to let me stay with them for 3 nights before my orientation comes around. monday night i met brent and ashley at wal-mart right after i got to boone… and it was good to see brent again. i don’t really know ashley. i left there and met up with ryan at his place. he took me out to dinner at cafe portofino (spelling?) and it was gooood stuff. he’s a cool guy and i think i’m supposed to meet up with him later this week before i go back home. i left him at his place and drove back to siner and dustan and ryan’s apartment. it was around 10 something by the time i got back there. we watched family guy and some heathers movie and notting hill… i’ve never had a dull moment hanging out with these guys. charlie stopped by later that night and stayed for a good few hours. i don’t think i fell asleep until 4 or so. the next day a bunch of us drove to mcdonald’s for breakfast/lunch and hung out back at the apartment for a while. i spent most of the afternoon helping dustin and his roomie move out of their apartment and he and i hit up wendy’s later on with some of his friends. i met lots of people last night and i definitely will be having fun up here next year. dustin dropped me back off at siner/dustan/ryan’s apartment and apparently the guys below them were having a kegger so we all hung out there for a little while. some people we met were kind of sketchy so kerry and i didn’t stay there for very long. kerry, dustin, casey, charlie, & i went to huddle house and then watched a trippy japanese movie and family guy for the remainder of the night. i don’t think i’ve been bored the entire time i’ve been in boone… it’s great.

i woke up at 2 this afternoon, showered, and got ready to go. i drove some of us to bojangles and to the gas station and then stephen came to pick me up to show me around tech. support. i think i’ll be spending some time here in the fall :) i hope. they’ll have me hooked on quake before i know it. i’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of the night but i’m sure whatever happens, it’ll be fun.

i’m coming home friday night and hopefully grainger still plans on coming home this weekend. that bastard better come home!

anthony says hi to all.

i’ll post later this week! all the pictures will be uploaded ASAP. :D

oops 07.26.04 | 4:27 PM | posted by whit
it’s 4:30 and i rolled out of bed only an hour ago. i suppose i should get in the shower and actually try to get something accomplished today? i have to finish writing a letter and i have to take my last disposable camera to CVS and i have to… well, that might be it. but i kinda wish i hadn’t slept until 3:30. that bites. i was supposed to go to collin’s lakehouse for a few days this week, but i don’t know if i wanna drive 2 hours east only to come home wednesday afternoon and drive 2 hours back home and then another hour to boone. that might not be fun… =\ i like my car but i don’t like to drive it that much. especially not by myself. decisions, decisions. only a couple more days and i’ll be off to orientation! thank god.

anyhow, pictures from yesterday/last night are up. nothing scarier than a drunk guy shouting, “it’s whitney! she’s purdy, single, AND 18! hey baby… i like yer overhauls and that purdy orange shirt!!!”

blah 07.24.04 | 3:15 PM | posted by whit
so far, i have accomplished nothing today. i have to swing by an ATM sometime, i am supposed to meet ry~ry at target this evening, and i have a 7:30 movie with darryl. as of right now, i am sitting on my ass in front of the computer still wearing a towel from when i got out of the shower hours ago. my pants are in the dryer, and somehow, it’s taking them forever to dry. i hate denim. i’m thinking today is just one of those days where i want to crawl under my bedsheets and not come out for about a week or so. i feel like crap and i just wanna go to boone. make wednesday hurry up plz.

pictures from last night’s party/get-together are up in the gallery. a few people didn’t show up that definitely should have but that’s okay. there’s always next time.

[edit] grainger leaves for california in january and iraq in march. i’m going to cry. shane could be going too, but i don’t know when. damn. =\ grainger is gonna try to come home this coming weekend. thank god, ’cause i need it. [/edit]

paarrrttttyyyy 07.23.04 | 1:32 PM | posted by whit
thomas’s house… tonight… be there! ALL OF YOU!!!!

shower time. :D

hooray for boobies! sort of… 07.22.04 | 7:26 PM | posted by whit
tonight i’m picking up yoder and the two of us are going to hooters. now, last time he and i actually went somewhere outside of school was the end of our 11th grade year and that night we also went to hooters. could this become tradition? possibly.

tonight should be interesting. one of the last times i actually went to hooters was a total disaster, and i’m praying it doesn’t happen again. i made the mistake of going with some buddies from davie and the five of us were minding our own business when all of a sudden, a girl (yet another dropout from our highschool, this place is full of them) approached me and asked me to stand up on my stool. i had no clue what was going on, and i really didn’t want to stand up on my stool in the middle of hooters. awkward? yes… just a little. apparently when i had made a run to the ladies’ room earlier, the guys told our waitress that it was my 18th birthday that night. they forced me off my ass and hoisted me onto my stool and i was serenaded by about a dozen bouncy girls wearing nothing but those itty bitty white t-shirts and orange shorts that might as well have been thongs… and just my luck, there was a drunken bachelor party of 20-25 year olds at the table behind us. at that point, my face was the color of the ketchup on my sandwich and i was laughing uncontrollably because if i hadn’t tried to make myself laugh, i would’ve been crying hysterically, instead. finally, i was let off my stool, and i regained control of myself. to top off our joyous evening at hooters, i was then presented with an application. since it’s, you know, my 18th birthday… HA!!

needless to say, if i’m approached by any employee there asking me to stand up for a moment, i will be running out that door full speed with or without yoder. :D

anyway, i scavenged my entire bedroom and the kitchen for a pair of working batteries today. i found two AA batteries finally and now i have to put back all of the batteries i emptied from every single other working appliance i got my hands on. the two i found are in my camera and that means i finally got around to uploading pictures from the past week/weekend, whatever. pictures from dustin’s house the other night are up and so are the pictures from lake norman. i didn’t take very many at the lake, which i feel bad about since it was my first time meeting my roommate, heather, and i only got one picture of her and it chopped off half her body. i’ve learned i have horrible aim. anyway, i should’ve gotten at least one with the two of us, but i suppose we were preoccupied with the pool and the mexican dinner we had and the movies and the orange soda and the fishing and whatnot. it was a fun weekend and i know that the two of us are gonna have a blast when we move in together in august. maybe then we’ll get some more pictures.

now i must put all these batteries back and find something to do for the next hour or so before dinner plans. i suppose i’ll be filling out MORE paperwork for school. my favorite.

i’ll post tomorrow with the results of this evening’s events. *smooches*.

news news news 07.21.04 | 5:05 PM | posted by whit
PARTY AT THOMAS’S FRIDAY NIGHT!!!! :) that is all. to all you bastards that lived in scott’s basement last summer, you better be there!!!

sorry for the lack of posts! not a whole lot has happened this week, at least not a whole lot of good. pictures from everything that’s happened lately will be up as soon as i get some batteries! :D

grrr 07.19.04 | 8:14 PM | posted by whit
i just wanna move already. i wanna go to boone and move in and be in that kind of atmosphere where there are always people around. at least orientation is soon… i know that will be fun. i’m just ready to do something. hrm. random rant… i’ll post pictures from this weekend later on. i’m gonna find something to get into tonight.

hopefully the start of a nice weekend 07.17.04 | 1:31 PM | posted by whit
last night i figured since i hadn’t seen a few of my buddies in a while, i’d make a trip out to advance to hang out for a while. i drove to brad’s sometime last night and it ended up being him, me, tanner, jason, brian, and kat. it was so awesome seeing all them again finally because i hadn’t seen any of them in what seemed like years. it hadn’t been a year yet but it was getting close. i miss those guys. we used to hang out every single afternoon and go to the Y allll the time together… i’m not sure what happened, but it sucks. so i was there for a pretty good while, and it made me feel a lot better just being there with them. i’ll be doing that more often, now that i remember what i’ve been missing. <333 i got home around 1:45 or so and i was pretty sleepy 'cause the night before i hadn't had but 3-4 hours of sleep. wicket (my other dog) was laying at the door like he was waiting for nutmeg to just appear out of nowhere and i felt so bad for him. i took him to my room and he slept on my bed with me last night and i petted him 'til he fell asleep. i think he snores worse than some of my friends, to be honest. poor baby =( i need to get showered up soon... i think i'm going out this afternoon. i doubt i'll be posting tomorrow afternoon because i'm driving down to lake norman tomorrow morning and i'm staying the night. my roommate is meeting me there so we can finally hang out and get to know eachother before college hits, which will be pretty cool. she seems like a sweet girl so maybe we won't hate eachother by the end of first semester :) but anyway, i'll post later next week. R.I.P. 07.16.04 | 3:57 PM | posted by whit byebye nutmeg. i miss you. my puppy is gone =( omfg 07.15.04 | 9:57 PM | posted by whit NEW CAR!!!!11 fjdskl;fjasdkfja; holy shit pictures later... drive now. bye!!! devil dragonflies 07.14.04 | 12:53 PM | posted by whit alright, so i came home this morning around 10:30 and decided to wash my car. it needed to be done because we're going to get it sold soon before i go to school. i'm out in the driveway doing my thing in my own little world washing the car and there is this dragonfly. the thing is huge! i can see it out the corner of my eye... he's staring me down, perched on top of the car antenna. i try and ignore it (dragonflies give me the creeps). he starts buzzing at me... i'm not sure why. it kind of freaks me out, but once again, i'm still trying to ignore it and just get this car washed because i'm sick of putting it off. i suppose the dragonfly got bored because he started doing all these crazy swoops and dives over the top of my car. i think he realized it was freaking me the heck out because he kept getting closer and closer to my face as he flew by. i don't know if these things bite or what or if they even sting or if they're totally harmless. they look like evil and i don't like them... especially inches away from my face. i picked up my pace and tried to get done with the car as quickly as possible... and then i realized i had to get into the trunk to get the rest of the crap out of it that had been left in there. the dragonfly is on top of the trunk, and since i'm a genius, i took to the hose and it became my weapon. slowly, i crept up to the side of the trunk, blasted that evil bastard with the hose (it was on full power too, oh yes) and he was GONE... mission accomplished. i grabbed all the crap out of the trunk and hauled ass into the garage and into the house. now i'm relaxing (like i really need to relax, i've been relaxing all summer) and listening to skid row. i'm trying to figure out what to do today... because i mean, there are so many choices. gah. this city is lacking when it comes to entertainment. oh well. freshman orientation is right around the corner and college will be here before i know it. i'm still nervous, but definitely excited :) i think i might go take a shower now. i'll post tomorrow probably. [edit] thank you justin for this! you rock. [/edit] gotta get out today 07.13.04 | 2:35 PM | posted by whit since last night was overly boring, i've decided that today i'm gonna get out and actually do something. i'm not sure what that is yet, but for starters, i have to go get my pictures from CVS. i wanna see how they turned out, and they better be good or i'm gonna be pissed. pat wanted to grab lunch this afternoon but i don't know when or where or wtf is going on. hmm. i might end up just driving around and finding some people to go out with. playmash.com cured my boredom for about 5 seconds... You will live in House. You will drive a red explorer. You will marry david and have 2 kids. You will be a cisco employee in cali. oh joy? anyway... gonna go shower and get out of here. i'll post tomorrow or something. back home again 07.11.04 | 10:49 PM | posted by whit camp geiger kicked ass and we made it out of that place with only a few minor injuries. grainger hasn't changed a bit and the 3 of us had a blast... hopefully we'll be down there again. except this time, we won't get stuck in jacksonville with nothing to do for 7 hours... better planning, guys. we gotta work on that one. dear god, no more jacksonville. topsail island, on the other hand, rocked. the beach was gorgeous this afternoon and we chased crabs all over the beach around 12-1 AM this morning. good stuff :) the pictures are up in the gallery. some of them don't make sense to anyone but, well, me i suppose. grainger still has to send me his pictures and i have 2 disposable cameras to get developed. should be pretty good :) can't wait to see how those turned out... eek! i'm gonna go change into some comfy clothes and hang out for a little while. i slept most of the way home so i ain't tired anymore... great! night guys. lost half my day 07.09.04 | 1:33 PM | posted by whit it's 1:30 in the afternoon and i just rolled out of bed. how crappy is that? i don't like waking up this late but my alarm didn't exactly wake me up when it went off at 11:30. my schedule is so screwed, because for the past few days i've been in and out of the house all day and all night and i haven't been going to bed until 4/5/6 in the morning. ugh. i'm just proud of myself for not snagging any earrings when i sleep lately, especially my tragus because man... that'd be the worst one. *crosses fingers* james is coming home from fort bragg today so i think he and i are gonna go find something to do later on. i haven't seen him since may so it'll be nice to catch up. i suppose i should probably go shower here in a few minutes... blah. thomas and i are leaving for camp geiger tomorrow morning to go see grainger!!! john might be coming with us, but either way, we are going and we will find grainger and we will have a blast. i just hope we don't get lost. we'll be back sunday evening/night. shower time. wooooww 07.07.04 | 2:36 AM | posted by whit this week has been ridiculous and it's only wednesday. i'm not gonna go into detail about the 4th of july party at thomas's... the one that i somehow turned into my own little birthday party (in my little world that night). for those of you who were there, you definitely know what went on. it was a blast and i will never forget it. pictures are up. you'll see a trend in quite a few of them :D heh. anyway, great night, miserable next day, nevertheless, i had a wonderful birthday and i made the best of it even though i wasn't exactly "okay". ry~ry came to visit that night and thank god she did because she cured me for a brief period of time. my night was all made better with a bucket, gingerale, a little bit of soup, and lots of sleep. i woke up today feeling a lot better, but still not all the way normal. i had a nice 9:30 AM physical to go to so i got that out of the way and hung out with my buddy matt for a good portion of the day. i hadn't seen the guy since before school let out, so it was nice to catch up on things. since my dad okayed me to get my ears pierced, i went over to earth's edge and got that done since i definitely could not wait any longer. i love the feeling of having new ones, so exciting :) it's 2:43 and i need sleep. goodnight everyone! =O "OH SNAP!" 07.04.04 | 2:18 PM | posted by whit HOLY SHIT! tomorrow is my birthday... i can finally do away with the jailbait nickname and i know several people want to hear me explain the legal midget part of the deal... but, TOO BAD!!! hahaha, losers! i'm off to eat birthday cookies (cake comes tomorrow, durr), shower, and head to thomas's for the partaaaayyy! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! <333 tanglewood fireworks 07.04.04 | 1:58 AM | posted by whit so thomas and matt and i went to see the fireworks tonight, well, last night. i hadn't been in several years and it was fun to go again. we went to pizza hut after i picked up thomas and goofed off while thomas worked on a buzz, but i don't think he quite got there. after we picked up sarah and ashley, we spent the evening in the park walking in the rain, eating butter (supposed to be chocolate) ice cream, hiding from large women asking for tickets, and making fun of the stupid kid in the car next to us. matt and thomas were in tears they were laughing so hard and i was too busy taking pictures to pay attention to everything he said, but damn, that kid is an idiot. anyway, it made for an interesting evening, and a very wet one at that. thanks guys <3 i'm at home now and i've been drowning my thoughts out with skid row--gotta love it. this stuff makes me feel better everytime i listen to it. the pictures from tonight are up and i think i got about 100 of them. enjoy. goodnight. =) so excited! 07.03.04 | 1:13 AM | posted by whit happy birthday grainger! happy birthday grammy! :) i can't believe my birthday is on monday. it doesn't seem like i'm turning 18, nor does it seem like i should be moving away to college in less than 2 months. time is flying by and it's kinda scary! i'm excited but i've got wicked butterflies. college is gonna be sweet... it would probably help if i called my roommate back sometime soon. hrm. anyway, early and i went to ihop this afternoon before we went to yet another movie. i've seen way too many lately. we went and saw fahrenheit 9/11 with jarrod, kennedy, & jessica. boy, that movie was strange. it made me pissed off but laughing my ass off at the same time which was kind of irritating. i enjoyed watching it, but it made me want to facepunch bush. whatever. i guess that was part of the point to it anyway, right? we stopped by the comic book store across the street for a little bit and i took him home. he found a temporary tattoo for me, a totally random one at that, and told me i had to wear it for at least 30 minutes of the day. i'm still wearing it hours later, and i don't even know what it says. it's a dragon with something written next to him, but for all i know it could say "homosexual" and i really wouldn't have a clue. i'm gonna go get my pajamas on and i'll probably go to sleep here in a little bit. night. can't go to sleep 07.02.04 | 2:00 AM | posted by whit i royally screwed over any hope of a half normal sleeping pattern for the rest of the week. i didn't go to sleep until 5 yesterday morning so i slept until 4 PM yesterday afternoon and now i'm wide awake. i layed down and i didn't even get tired so, i'm stuck. i was kind of hoping all the shopping i did would make me a little tired, but drinking a huge jar of lemonade kind of cancelled that one out. oh well. jill & MC had plans to go dorm shopping so i joined them. we went to bed bath & beyond first and i hadn't even started on dorm shopping at this point so i was totally lost. i'm glad they have a "college list" at that place, because i wouldn't have known where to start. i spent $70 at that place and i actually got a lot for it... so i was proud of myself :) we spent at least an hour in there, and i walked out of there with 3 bags full of crap. hopefully i didn't waste my money. i think i did alright, though. we went and ate dinner at the loop across the parking lot and i hadn't even been there before. i got to see my friend jason who i hadn't talked to in probably 2 years. he works there now so it was nice to catch up for a few minutes. i love running into people like that :) anyway, we left there and went to wal-mart to search for the cheap dorm stuff that we didn't feel like spending $20 on at the other place. i wound up spending $50 at wal-mart so there went the cheap idea. i did get a lot, though, and i got another set of bed sheets. i didn't do so bad. i'd never seen these before, but they have roadkill air fresheners. i figured with my nice count of birds that i've hit, the bird air freshener would be the most appropriate. it was only 87 cents anyway. i still have a ton of crap to get for school, but at least i made a dent in the process. i'm gonna go finish filling out a few more things. then maybe i'll get some sleep?

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