I've Realized a Few Things

today was a pretty good day, i suppose. i woke up super early so i could go find a hair place in boone cheap enough. i got it trimmed (she did not “trim” anything, she hacked a good inch or so off) and a few highlights put in. it was $55, more than i wanted to spend, but that’s about the cheapest you can do these days, let’s face it. i hate being a girl. i wish i hadn’t cut my hair after this summer before i came to boone. it would be well past my shoulders by now. i’m an idiot.

anyway, i did that and drove to class today. i got a really good spot on king street right across from raley pretty much so i hauled ass to class since i got there 10 minutes before it started (i’m really nit picky about being early) and turns out half the class wasn’t even there yet anyway. jennifer and i went christmas shopping for decorations for the tech. support office and that was a lot of fun. i haven’t been shopping with a girl in ages so we went on a rampage in wal-mart in the holiday section. i even bought some stuff for myself (not with your money, james) like my santa claus hat (never had one before!!) and hershey kisses filled with caramel. then i bought the candy canes for everyone at work. we bought tinsel and lights and a big red shiny ball ornament to hang at work and mistletoe (real stuff, too!) and a big red bow with jingle bells for the door and all kinds of good stuff. after wal-mart, she and i went to my apartment and wrote everyone’s names on their stockings. we found itty bitty stockings so we wrote on them with glitter glue and everyone gets candy and junk. but not yet. otherwise they’d eat it now. jennifer is gonna decorate her tree next time she’s in the office, too. it’s so small and cute! we realize it isn’t christmas but we will only be here for a few more weeks and then it’s winter break so, better now than never. i decorated a bunch when we went back to the office.

joe, matt, and i sat and played kitten cannon for a while, christian and joe threw playing cards all over the hallway, i almost stabbed joe with 2 knives because he put my hair clip in the top closet where i couldn’t reach it, and it was total chaos in the nerd office. i wish every day could be that exciting. let me tell you. joe, you are so dead. still.

i drove matt home and came back to my apartment and definitely had an odd evening. i was doing my situps and pushups and stretches and all that fun stuff and for some reason, i felt like i needed to be doing something fulfilling. i am always busy with something, and i’m rarely bored because if i’m alone i’m doing work or if i’m out i’m with friends, but something doesn’t feel right. i was thinking about it for a really long time, too. and i realized that whenever i hang out with ry~ry, she always is positive and happy no matter how crappy her day has been and she is a very religious, outgoing person, and just being around her makes me feel so much better, and it always has. so i decided that i’m going to start going to church and maybe even doing volunteer stuff. i haven’t decided what yet, but i know i’m gonna go to church with her and brandi. and i am going to start working out on a regular schedule. i need motivation and i need something to look forward to and something to keep my head straight and i need to feel like i’m doing something positive for not just me but other people. i think this is the right answer. even since an hour ago when i made this decision, i already feel better. it’s strange, but it’s a great feeling. i never thought i would say any of that, and i feel like an uber dork, but i don’t even care.

i am done with my homework crap so i think i’m gonna go work on my art project some more and go to sleep.

rob, if you need anything, you know where to find me!! same with you jill. when are we going to dos?